Time for Germany to End its Guilt Trip?

henrymakow.com — March 3, 2017

merkel guilt (1)As part of the nationalist tide sweeping Europe, the Alternative for Germany party is pushing to change how the country views its Nazi past, upending decades of consensus.
This was received from Michael Hoffman who writes: “Anton Troianovski’s report (below) is something of a joke. He whitewashes the genocide committed against the Germans by transforming it into just “Dresden” and mistreatment of German prisoners of war. The incineration of 500,000 civilians in German cities, the mass rapes of nearly a million German women by Americans as well as Russians (cf. Revisionist History newsletter 88), and the deaths of millions of Germans ethnically cleansed from Eastern Europe at the end of the Second World War, are not mentioned.
Troianovski even has a German war veteran doubting not Auschwitz homicidal gas chambers, but the existence of Auschwitz itself! The usual deceitful spin and media bias are on display. We reproduce his report however, because its provides an inkling of the German reawakening now underway, and not in the self-defeating, dead-end, “neo-Nazi” revival always scripted for them by the Cryptocracy, but as human beings rejecting the crippling guilt which becomes internalized as self-hatred and destroys a nation. This mental genocide continues the work of the physical genocide the Germans suffered in the 1940s.”

German Right Believes It’s Time to Discard Historical Guilt 

 By Anton Troianovski — Wall Street Journal

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The upstart Alternative for Germany, known as the AfD, began as a party opposed to the euro and moved on to fighting Germany’s refugee influx. Now it is increasingly emphasizing a broader, substantially more provocative goal: changing how Germans see their past. AfD politicians say an unhealthy obsession with the Nazi crimes of World War II skews Germans’ understanding of their country’s history, leaves no place for national pride and interferes with government policy. Nazi-era guilt, they say, was behind Chancellor Angela Merkel ‘s decision to let in hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa.


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