Hundreds of Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zones Take Root in Europe

Introduction — March 2, 2017

Angela Merkel poses for a migrant selfie. Click to enlarge

Angela Merkel poses for a migrant selfie. Click to enlarge

It needs to be emphasised that the problems detailed below are NOT caused by Islam. That’s what the elite and their agents in the media would like you to believe and I would suggest the reader bear this in mind.
Because while the following article purports to expose the social damage caused by the migrant crisis it pointedly omits to mention what caused originally caused the crisis.
Behind the scenes Western intelligence and its allies in the gulf states have been covertly helping Sunni militants in Iraq and Syria. There are numerous reports of arms and ammunition being airdropped to Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) by U.S. aircraft and the militants have even boasted that U.S. air strikes against them weren’t very effective.
That’s because they weren’t meant to be. Unlike Russia’s campaign in Syria, the Western war against ISIS has been a phoney war fought mainly for the benefit of the Western media. Against an organisation that was led by Abu al Baghdadi, a known Mossad double-agent whose real name was Simon Elliot.
The objective was to inflame conflict between Islam and the nominally Christian West and then import the conflict directly into Europe. This was done through displaced persons, many of whom are being assisted in their journey to Europe by organisations bankrolled by billionaire George Soros.
The migrants are then being further encouraged to journey to Europe’s heartland through the policies of compliant politicians like Angela Merkel.
So the problem is NOT Islam, as such. The problem is that the elite are trying to incite conflict between Islam and the West, through their stooges in the media and government. Sure there is an ongoing refugee crisis in Europe but many of those refugees have been displaced by Western foreign policy and military intervention. Think Iraq or better still think Libya, which until Gaddafi was overthrown was one of the most prosperous and stable countries in Africa.
Now, thanks to Western military intervention, Libya is racked by conflict. Turning it from a state that once provided free health care and education to its citizens into a breeding ground for extremism and refugees into Europe.
In fact months before his brutal murder Muammar Gaddafi even warned of a migrant crisis.Yet instead of taking heed of his warning the West murdered Gaddafi and now we reap the consequences.
So it needs to be emphasised that the problem is NOT Islam. Sure, we have hordes of displaced persons, but many of them are only nominally Muslim. They may call themselves Muslim but in their heart of hearts they are anything but. Many indeed are little more than common criminals and only their “refugee” status has enabled them to enter Europe. With a little help from Angela Merkel’s open door immigration policy, of course.
Although I’m not a Muslim, I’ve studied the Koran and had some good Muslim friends so I can say without a doubt, the problem is NOT Islam. The fault lies with our intelligence agencies and the likes of George Soros and Angela Merkel who have knowingly enabled hordes of free loaders and outright criminals to enter Europe.
Readers will also note that the following repeatedly focuses attention on Islam. Not refugees or migrants but Muslims. This is because it is part of a broader psyop to incite conflict with Islam, as envisaged by General Albert Pike over a century ago. It doesn’t once mention George Soros or Angela Merkel, who helped bring about the current crisis. In other words it looks at the problem, NOT the cause. Ed.
culturally enriched Malmo

Residents of Malmo, Sweden’s multicultural ghetto. Click to enlarge

Hundreds of Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zones Take Root in Europe

Edmund Kozak — PoliZette Dec 15, 2016

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz recently encountered the all-too-real brutality to be found in a Muslim “no-go” zone in Sweden.

“When they dragged me into that building, that’s really when I thought, ‘They’re going to end my life here,’” Horowitz told LifeZette. Horowitz painted a vivid picture of the extent of the danger of Muslim no-go zones in Sweden — even the police fear them, he said.

“The rules of engagement are if [police are] chasing a subject, no matter what this guy did, once they cross that threshold [into a Muslim area], they stop pursuit, and if they want to actually go in they have to call an entire armed convoy,” Horowitz said. “There used to be a police station in Rinkeby [another no-go neighborhood that Horowitz visited], and they had to get rid of it,” he noted.

Horowitz recently recounted his whole story in an op-ed published by The Hill.

“While there has been debate regarding the existence of what have been dubbed ‘no-go areas,’ I personally discovered the corporeality of these enclaves when I stepped into the Stockholm neighborhood of Husby,” Horowitz wrote.

As Horowitz noted, liberals love to pretend that Muslim no-go zones — Muslim neighborhoods to which even the authorities are afraid to venture and in which Sharia law is the rule and non-Muslims are attacked on sight — are little more than a figment of paranoid conservative imaginations. But as Horowitz would find out for himself, they are very much a horrifying reality.

“Literally moments after I stepped into the town, a gang of five clearly Islamic men approached my crew, and they attacked me without provocation,” he continued. “They repeatedly punched, kicked and choked me, as a number of bystanders watched. Eventually they dragged me into a building, which at the time I assumed was to finish me off. Once inside the apartment building vestibule, they resumed their vicious attack. But seconds later someone opened an apartment door directly above us, and it luckily spooked them enough to run away,” wrote Horowitz.

The truth, however, is that there are neighborhoods like Husby scattered across Europe. These “no-go” areas stand as a damning testament to the utter devastation wrought on Europe by multiculturalism and mass Muslim migration.

While it is nearly impossible to gauge the full extent of the no-go zone problem, it is safe to say there are hundreds of no-go areas scattered throughout Europe. A March 2016 report published by the Hungarian government found 900 areas across Europe.

In France alone, where no-go areas are euphemistically referred to as “zones urbaines sensibles” — sensitive urban zones — the government counts over 750 such zones. In Sweden, the number could be “as high as 50, [but ] the police who I spoke with … estimated there to be about 20-30,” Horowitz said.

In the United Kingdom, “you have to have extra vigilance in certain parts [of London] when you are working,” a London police officer told Breitbart News in December 2015. Also in December 2015, a police officer from Lancashire in northern England told the Daily Mail that, “there are Muslim areas of Preston that, if we wish to patrol, we have to contact local Muslim community leaders to get their permission.”

Germany also has its problems with no-go zones. In July 2015, a routine traffic stop in Gelsenkirchen turned into a nightmare when officers tried to carry out their duty. “During the arrest, the two officers were surrounded by about 50 members of a large family who suddenly appeared on the side streets,” local news reported.

The mob tried to intimidate the officers into dropping the arrest, but when that failed, a 15-year-old attacked the officers from behind and started choking one. The situation only returned to calm after backup arrived. “It was only with the summoned reinforcements that the police were able to put the situation back under control and arrest the youthful attacker,” the report said.

“Every police commissioner and interior minister will deny it. But of course we know where we can go with the police car and where, even initially, only with the personnel carrier,” Bernhard Witthaut, then-head of Germany’s police union, said during an interview with Der Westen newspaper in 2011.

“The reason is that our colleagues can no longer feel safe there in twos, and have to fear becoming the victim of a crime themselves. We know that these areas exist. Even worse: In these areas, crimes no longer result in charges. They are left to themselves. Only in the worst cases do we in the police learn anything about it. The power of the state is completely out of the picture.”

Of course Witthaut’s words were spoken four years before the Muslim migrant crisis. They were spoken before no-go zones in Belgium became planning grounds for Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris. As Muslim migration into Europe shows no real signs of slowing, the number of Muslim no-go areas will only continue to grow.

No-go zones “are a very significant and serious problem, especially after the recent rush of refugees to Europe from Syria and other parts of the Muslim world,” Dr. Tawfik Hamid, senior fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies and expert on radical Islam, told LifeZette. “They are bringing a culture that is very different from the traditional Western culture and with these numbers it is a very serious issue,” Hamid noted.

No-go areas are also a “significant threat when you consider the high birthrate of the Muslim community,” Hamid said. Indeed, the existing no-go zones coupled with Muslims’ high birthrate and the flood of Muslim migration into Europe could see the development of entire no-go regions. “Some of the Islamic groups encourage [high birthrates] because they know the more numbers they have in Western countries the more influential” they can be, Hamid said.

“It’s like when you see a cancer cell that is not causing any harm now, but later on if it is left without intervention it can cause very serious trouble,” said Hamid. “Even if you don’t see the trouble today it does not mean that trouble is not coming.”



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