Why Tech Titans Hate Trump

By Danny L. — (henrymakow.com) Feb 28, 2017 

Source of hate? Tech titan$ don't own Donald. Click to enlarge

Source of hate? Tech titan$ don’t own Donald. Click to enlarge

Palo Alto, CaliforniaI just came from a lunch on University Avenue in Palo Alto. The lunch was a large table in the back area of a well-reviewed restaurant. The participants were the top staffers of the Venture Capital companies of Silicon Valley. I got invited as the date of someone who was on the inside and nobody ever asked where I worked. I realized, soon after I arrived, that everyone was thought to be from the Stanford Silicon Valley Venture Capital offices up on Sandhill Road. I was an, unintentional, covert fly on the wall.
Now I know how the Trump Vs. California thing happened and why it is the most misnamed war in history.
The battle should be called “The Billionaires Vs. The Billionaires” or “The Underdog Vs. The Cartel”.
A group of men in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, California hired a group of lobbyists around 2005, or so, because they had decided they needed to “play in Washington a bit more”. The lobbyists hooked these two pools of money together and came up with a scheme to manipulate media … to [elect cronies] in exchange for quid-pro-quo State and Federal crony payola.
The Hollywood and Silicon Valley billionaires made their kick-back deals with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They got billions of dollars. With Trump in office, their schemes crumble and they are going berserk about it.
They are now using their media … to try to win some of their payola back in the midterm elections. They plan to accomplish this by causing…”buyers remorse” with the voting public. They are going to use their media outlets to make the public …think that Trump is some sort of Lizard Person bad guy.


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