James Perloff: Parallels Between Vietnam Era and Today

henrymakow.com — Feb 25, 2017

Donald Trump is a mortal threat to the NWO agenda and must be removed at all cost. 
James Perloff thinks the strategy used to remove LBJ and Richard Nixon in the 1960’s-70’s will be applied. 
The main parallels are in the mass mobilization of young demonstrators, funded by billionaires, combined with brainwashing from the media.  The other great parallel is the national division.  America hasn’t been this divided since Vietnam. Trump of course has no major war. However, he might get into one with Iran.

Soros Reviving an Old Psy Op to Depose Trump? 

by James Perloff — (excerpt by henrymakow.com) 

I have wanted to write a post called something like “Is Trump the Real Deal?” That is a controversy right now in alternative media: some are faithful Trump advocates; others take the view that in the jaded world of realpolitik, no true outsider can win, that the Trump-Clinton rivalry was only for show, and that the Powers That Be wanted Trump to win anyway.
I do believe, categorically, that Hillary Clinton was the Deep State’s first choice. This was demonstrated by mainstream media’s ruthless daily pommeling of Trump, while kid-gloving Clinton despite her innumerable scandals; the rigging of debates; and even trotting out George H. W. Bush to announce he would vote for Hillary. The election was followed by unprecedented efforts to overturn it, including street riots, recounts, death threats to electors, and the unsupported “Russian hacking” claim.
But though the Establishment favored Clinton, is Trump a true populist outsider?
On the negative side, after pledging to “drain the swamp,” Trump has appointed a number  of swamp creatures, including neocons, Establishment Republicans, and Goldman Sachs bankers; there are those who feel he is moving too slowly on his promises, some of which–such as investigating Hillary–look abandoned. Most concerning to me is Trump’s long history of Zionist connections, now crystallizing in his administration, which I may elaborate on in an upcoming post.
On the “real” side, he has axed the TPP, is keeping his pledge to halt illegal immigration, is moving to repeal Obamacare, wants to work with Putin, has spoken to Robert F. Kennedy about leading a vaccine task force, and has reversed Obama’s insane transgender policies.
Since I honestly consider the “jury still out” on Trump, I’m going to focus on two things that are definite: (1) mainstream media’s continuing relentless attacks on him; and (2) the orchestrated nationwide protests.
[In his full-length post, Perloff elaborates these points, then draws parallels to his hippie days in the sixties: the funding of Vietnam War demonstrators by the Rockefellers; the CIA’s links to the counterculture; and how the music industry, Hollywood, and news media were all controlled and mobilized to transform American culture.]



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