NHS Privatisation Means No Pensions For Workers

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For Feb 24, 2017

George Carlin got it dead right (see above) …. “They’re coming for your retirement money”.
NHS England South has very recently awarded the contract to transfer its Retinal Screening Services from Virgin Care to EMIS.
Employees have been told that in future if they achieve or accept a promotion within the service their pension will change from 14% of final salary to 2%. 
They are left with a stark choice. Forego promotion or forego your pension.
For employees most of whose salaries already are on the low side within (what used to be called) the public services (i.e. typically less than £20,000 pa, often significantly so), this is a dreadful blow. People who went into the service at a young age at a low level had at least the hope that they could progress over time to eventually earn something approaching a reasonable income (though such incomes could never ensure a mortgage on a property and, hence, a rent-free old age).
They were deceived. Now that hope has been crushed.
Our government serves banking/corporate interests. It betrays its people.
The founder and major EMIS shareholder, Dr Peter Sowerby, is on the Sunday Times “Rich List” having an estimated net worth of £42 million (down from £66 million last year, poor thing).
This is the kind of man who can fund political parties. This is the kind of man whose interests our politicians primarily serve.
The parasite must grow.
The body on which it feeds is welcome to die.
Who gives a damn about the workers any more?
Workers have been rendered defenceless. They can only accept the new conditions or leave the job.
Now that the Unions are all but defunct, it is clear that corporate/banking/political interests and their puppet governments have succeeded in dividing society to the point where ordinary people are effectively without any representation whatsoever.
The mechanisms of enslavement are in place and closing in fast. The Age of Revelation is upon us.
The backlash will be severe and LIBERATING. Work for it. Think what you can do and begin now.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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