Steele: “Trump is in Enemy Hands” — Feb 23, 2017

Ex CIA officer Robert David Steele says Trump is surrounded by traitors who want Mike Pence to replace him. He is focusing on keeping election promises instead of consolidating his position by purging traitors and reaching out to the 45% of the people who didn’t vote.
Steele details the dangers Trump faces and the steps he needs to take.

(Steele says pedophilia is “an elite privilege. Washington DC is their “ground zero”. 9 min 30)

The Three-Track Program to Destroy Trump

by Robert David Steele — (Abridged by

I have been talking to a number of people including Alex Jones, Cynthia McKinney and others, and I clearly see the outlines of the final push to impeach Donald Trump and drive him out of office.  This assault on democracy, freedom, and liberty is pursuing three tracks:
TRACK ONE (CENSORSHIP): Eric Schmidt is organizing a massive censorship and propaganda program behind the scenes. AdRoll has just illegally and without due process deprived Alex Jones of over $3M a year in ad revenue by asserting, without evidence and without legal process (and in violation of existing contracts) that Alex Jones is a purveyor of fake news that also targets demographic segments and slanders politicians. I have recommended to Alex that he engage Brendan Sullivan and Danny Sheehan and roll out an immediate $1 billion lawsuit against AdRoll and its co-conspirators Facebook, Google, Redditt, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia. This is the softest of the three tracks.
George Soros also helped bankroll protests in Ferguson. Click to enlarge

George Soros also helped bankroll protests in Ferguson.

TRACK TWO (A VIOLENT “AMERICAN SPRING”): George Soros is leading a massively funded effort to put a mix of paid and uninformed protestors into the streets beginning around 20 March —  tens of thousands across the country, augmented by agitators dressed in black and causing property damage, as well as mercenaries who will shoot police officers dead and strive to blame it on Black Lives Matters and other innocents. This will culminate in a massive 3 million person march on Washington that will trash the city and seek to drive Donald Trump from office if he cannot be successfully impeached.
TRACK THREE (IMPEACHMENT OR RESIGNATION): The Mainstream Media (MSM) — the fake news media controlled by the Rothschilds, Wall Street, and the CIA as well as the Zionists and the Saudis — has begun to speak of treason and impeachment in relation to Donald Trump. The US secret intelligence community, notably the rogue elements at NSA and CIA that have spied with impunity on US politicians and then turned around to blackmail them (at the same time that Wall Street, the Zionists, and the Saudis bribe them), is drawing together more fake evidence that Russia “owns” Donald Trump. Impeachment proceedings are likely to begin before 1 May, the intent being to drive Trump to resign, elevate Mike Pence who in all probability has cut a deal with the globalists and the two-party tyranny that serves the globalists, and reset the two-party tyranny, destroying our one hope at liberty in this generation. Hats off to Cynthia McKinney for flagging the below video, [which shows an “ex Mossad agent pushing the fake “Russia Owns Trump” narrative.”]


What Is To Be Done?


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