The Hungry Ghosts from Tranny World have Broken a Nail.

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Feb 23, 2017

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Well, we hate to tell you, “I told you so.” (not really) but I told you so. I told you that the noisy and invisible elephant across this great nation of ours; the massive skeleton rattling in the national closet are the bones of all those Hungry Ghosts from Tranny World screaming and pulling their desiccated lanks of corpse hair over the Tranny Bathroom Porno World; Let me Get Naked with You Meme. She/He is going to the Supreme Court and she’s looking like Honey Boo Boo all grown up and haired over and Ultralicious. I know you wouldn’t kick her out of your coffin. The moon shines down on her shimmering prom gown… she’s duck walking into the banner festooned gymnasium. Baron Samedi is waiting by the punch bowl, dressed in his best retro tux and that’s not dandruff on his shoulders, that’s grave dust. It puts the shine of romance on this evening extraordinaire. The band goes into their Cryptkeeper rendition of, “You Sexy Thing.” by the passed on band, ‘Not Chocolate.’
Now I don’t want to say that under the right absence of light she is not beautiful; say, in a total eclipse but… you can understand why she might want to embrace a gender heretofore unknown …but created just for her. What’s this, I see an aperture has opened in space, like one of those dimensional doors in “Time Bandits.” I hear howling and wailing but it is not the voices of approbation. It is the voices of celebration. “Give her to us!” They cry. At that point, my imagination gives way under the pressure of unreasonable demands being made upon it and… holding my mouth, I race toward the waste basket, woven of Hazmat fibers that sits by my desk that faces the picture window to nowhere. Nothing is seen through that window but a twisting mist. It requires the force of Imagination to out picture the inner vision and as I said, “The imagination has gone down! Imagination down! Call 411! Call 411!”
Okay… some here might think I am being cruel but you’ve obviously not been exposed to any real satire in awhile. That is because real life is now the poster boy for unintentional satire. The look of this mutating Tommy Hillsnicker, sorority pledge, is proof of what the Chinese say; a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case only a few words are required and since this is a kid friendly (not John Podesta kid friendly) site, we will not speak those words here because they might prove reminiscent of Gandalf at Rivendell or Imladris, as you might prefer. It was during the time of The Fellowship of the Ring, when they were debating what to do about the ring and all of a sudden, Gandalf went postal on some Mordor Speak and everything got dark and ominous and Elrond said something about that language never being spoken there before and Gandalf said something about how if they weren’t careful and perspicacious, it would come to be spoken everywhere.
Well… see… if all these tiny splinter groups from the bipolar early menopause world; manipulated and financed by the main tiny splinter group of Atheistic Satanists, were allowed to prosper in their infernal agenda, pretty soon the rest of us wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom at all, unless we were wearing pink tutus and weaving in and out of traffic on a fluorescent skateboard and haven’t shaved in a week. That said, I think they would still pick me in a beauty contest.
No, I’m not being rude and insensitive, or if I am I don’t care. To the point of “I hate to say I told you so.” This nation is fed up with gender dysphoria and what’s behind Door number 46. This nation is fed up with bathroom blackmail and shit for brains, out to lunch, free wheeling Pedophilia waiting in the wings and don’t tell me this isn’t the case, unless you are blind, it is breathing in your ear and leering like a Tibetan Devil Dog… panting as only an eight feet at the shoulder red eyed hound can do. I apologize to all the Devil Dogs out there. I was only using your fearsome aspect as an image of ferocity. And you Devil dogs in the know out there are well aware that two of your number accompany me everywhere I go and there are witnesses to that but this ain’t the time to get into the details of that serendipitous reality.
This country is in an uproar after 8 years of Man’s Country alumni, Tyrannosaurus Bwak! …and the looming catastrophe of Hillary, which was a near miss Armageddon that got sideswiped by Mr. Apocalypse. You’re not hearing about the unison voice of realm America. You are hearing the strident caterwauling voice of fornicating cats that are the backup singers for the owners of the media that report only on manufactured news, created by the Zio Satanic symphony for Total Discord. If you go to any of their sites which are basically the same site, you hear the same tired lies and what this should tell you is that the reptiles who thought they were running the place are screaming in pain at the frustration of their plans in their ongoing war against the human race.
Every new atrocity that they come up with is presented under the guise of what is good for all of us and turns out to be anything but. Their presentations of diversity are an avenue for perversity. Their campaign for Black Lives Matter is a subterfuge for race wars. Their folding, bending, spindling and mutilating of our sexual nature is not for the purpose of an implied inclusiveness but a transparent effort to rebrand abnormal as normal and normal as something less than desirable for all of us who were never asked and who would have been clear about how we felt on the matter had we been asked.
I hate to beat a zombie horse but we are pretty much tolerant of human attractions of one to the other, however eclectic they may be. It is not my place to legislate the morality of others. Time and Karma WILL resolve all issues accordingly as they come upon their special moment of reflection in the mirror of life. Once again… and we have said this many different ways; it is when splinter lifestyles are politicized and made to appear much larger than they are, like objects in the mirror being closer than they appear and when they move from politicized to weaponized that I take exception.
Some decades ago, Mr. Visible and his friend, Carlos, who used to bang his head on parking meters and make them ring and who was a martial artist of singular ability… we acted ex officio as bodyguards of the gay and drag queen community in Dupont Circle, Washington DC. At that time there were hitters and malcontents that liked to come around and punch these people out, so Carlos and I took it upon ourselves to get betwixt them and their targets. Meanwhile I have had many a dear friend over the decades who was representative of ‘the love that dare not speak its name’. Not to mention that my love of the works of such people as Somerset Maugham, Tennessee Williams, Gore Vidal and many others is well known among those who know me. I used to be delighted at the sharp wit and scathing humor of such folk… until these new and aggressive lifeforms began to materialize to the distress of many.
Life is flexible and it is capable of being bent out of shape in many directions, only to spring back into itself when stretched beyond endurance but it has gotten to such a point now …and the disciples of Bernay and others, with their truly deep pockets, have rendered life into now unrecognizable shapes and their sole intent is to raise Hell on Earth. They are direct representatives of the Prince of Darkness and despite their every effort to paint themselves as compassionate and caring individuals, they are very clearly about their masters work and their master is evil incarnate.
We are at that point in an apocalypse where we are soon to see what we are made of as Mr. Apocalypse simultaneously reveals what they are made of. We shall each of us be judged out of the integrity of our being… or the lack of it thereof. Angels have descended from on high to make war upon the criminal agents of proliferating darkness. The ineffable has awakened from his dream state in which the totality of the dreaming world is held and he is soon to put on the aspect of the one come to save from the chaos of these times. This was all set in motion long ago and it has come across many a torturous route to this moment in which we find ourselves. None among you need fear the seeming uncertainty of outcome. There is no reason for fear. The master of all things walks among us -and within us- should we choose to extend that opportunity for the ineffable to use us as a means of expression. One need only fear the consequences of their own evil and should there be none, then one must fear nothing.
Surely life has come to a place where suspicion and paranoid self interest seem to rule the day. Only the ineffable sits upon the throne and we alone can displace him from that position within ourselves. Hold fast to the certitude of faith within and you will be delivered out of the house divided into an unassailable residence of perpetual unity. Try this enduring truth and you will not find it wanting.
End Transmission…….

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