Trump to be Impeached For Treason? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’

Lasha Darkmoon — Feb 23, 2017

EDITOR J.S. MONTECRISTO: This interview with ‘The Saker’ never took place. But as Lasha Darkmoon explains, every word spoken by the Saker here is an exact quote from the Saker’s own writings. 

 Trump impeachment

“The Trump dream is probably over.
It was beautiful while it lasted.” — The Saker

LASHA DARKMOON: I’ll begin by revealing that I’ve never actually met ‘The Saker’ or even corresponded with him, so obviously this is an imaginary interview. Having said that, however, I wish to assure you that everything said by the Saker in this interview is an exact quotation taken from two recently published articles by the Saker which you can read in their entirety on The Unz Review (bulk of article) and on Information Clearing House (recent update). I’ve invented nothing.
The reason I’m doing it this way is because the Saker’s original articles are unrelated and somewhat long and diffuse in their totality. I want to cut to the chase and keep it short, with no words wasted. I also wish to add my own views to the mix, giving the impression of a lively and authentic dialogue but in no way falsifying the Saker’s original narrative.
For some time now I’ve been wondering if the majority of those who voted for Trump did so because they were his enthusiastic fans or simply because they perceived him as the lesser of two evils. What d’you think, Mr Saker?
THE SAKER: Trump was and still is the lesser evil. Please always keep in mind what the alternative was: Hillary Clinton. One of my favorite Russian commentators, Rusian Ostashko, brilliantly put it when he said: “If Clinton was now sitting in the White House, we Russians would not be discussing the issue of the recognition of Crimea or the future of US sanctions. We would be trying to guess when nuclear war would start, we would be studying our bomb shelter maps.” He is absolutely right, of course.
DARKMOON: So what’s been happening lately that’s got you all excited?
THE SAKER: Something big: the Three Letter Agencies pulled off a de facto coup against Donald Trump by forcing him to fire his most important foreign policy advisor — the man who had dared to declare that he wanted to reform the bloated and largely ineffective US intelligence community.
DARKMOON: You’re referring of course to General Flynn’s sudden “resignation” or sacking. Are you concerned about this little setback?
THE SAKER: There is no way of putting a brave face on what happened. Not only because it showed that Trump is not loyal to those who are loyal to him, but because this episode pretty much killed what I would call the “Trump dream”.
DARKMOON: I guess, by the “Trump dream”, you mean all the controversial projects and promises Trump set out in his original electoral package, i.e., the big changes his baseline supporters were hoping Trump would introduce “to make America great again”? Like what exactly?
THE SAKER: Draining the swamp. Kicking the Neocons down to the basement they crawled out of 24 years ago. Reforming the US intelligence community. Possibly even dissolving the CIA. Or, at the very least, subordinating it to the President.
DARKMOON: What else?
THE SAKER:  Making peace with Russia. Negotiating a “grand bargain” which would clearly spell out how the USA and Russia would act towards each other and jointly against common threats. At the very least, this would imply an agreement on the Ukraine and Syria.
DARKMOON: Trump’s enemies are obviously not too keen on his foreign policy. He appears to want peace with Russia. In the eyes of his enemies, I guess this makes him a “Russian agent” and a “high security risk.” What does Trump need to do to keep his domestic supporters happy?
THE SAKER:  Stop pouring billions of dollars into the Empire and redirect the immense resources currently wasted on war, aggression and subversion back into the United States and their decaying infrastructure, medical care, education, small business. Until now, the main profitable sectors of the US economy were either the military-industrial complex or finance. The hope was that Trump would kick-start the “real” economy: the production of goods and services.
Law and order would be restored to the USA and the uncontrolled flow of immigrants would finally be regulated. Last, but most definitely not least, Trump would not act on this stupid, counter-productive and self-defeating Iran-bashing and China-bashing rhetoric.
DARKMOON: You believe that none of these noble aims are now likely to see fruition? In other words, the people who voted for Trump are not going to get what they wanted? Is that what you’re saying?
THE SAKER:  For the most part, this dream is now over.
DARKMOON:  So America is . . .
THE SAKER: On life support.
DARKMOON: Okay, so what would you regard here as the main issue? In your opinion, what is the top priority? What does Trump need to do more than anything else?
THE SAKER:  The key, of course, is point one: draining the swamp. In other words, wrestling the power away from the Neocons and the US ‘deep state’ and putting it back where it belongs: in the hands of a President with a mandate of a majority of the American people.
That is, alas, the biggest loss we all suffered last week: the man who was supposed to drain the swamp [General Flynn] got a humiliating smack-down by a deep state drunk on its own infinite chutzpah. The biggest deal is not that Flynn was sacked, although that is a big deal, but the fact that the deep state forced Trump into publicly betraying Flynn and sacking him instead of those who were involved in this palace coup — including Pence himself.
DARKMOON: What you appear to be saying is deeply disturbing. Few will wish to admit it: namely, that the man selected as President by the American people, after a democratic election, has no power whatsoever to carry out the will of the people. He is no more than a figurehead for more powerful interests. These are the real rulers, and Trump is expected to be their puppet. Unless he agrees meekly to become a proxy for Hillary Clinton, he’ll be out of a job soon, right?     
THE SAKER: What the deep state demonstrated this week is that everybody in the Executive Branch serves not at the pleasure of the President, but at the pleasure of the deep state, including probably Donald Trump himself.
DARKMOON: You confirm my worst suspicions. Trump must consent to be a lackey for the deep state or else he’s a goner. By the “deep state” you are obviously referring to elite Jews like the Rothschilds and the tightly knit Jewish groups who control the City of London and set the gold price. Hence your frequent allusions to the “anglo-Zionist empire” which you pinpoint as Enemy Number One.  Your negative references to “neocons” also indicate that you have organized Jewry in mind. The Jewish neocons and their gentile vassals are the main threat to America in your opinion, am I right?
THE SAKER:  I am personally convinced that unless Donald Trump finds in himself the courage to mount a major counter-attack, the neocons will find a way of kicking him out of the White House before his term ends.
DARKMOON: And we all know that “neocons” is a code word for elite Jews and their gentile standard bearers like Hillary Clinton. That’s one thing we know for certain. (Pause) So the beautiful dream is over?
THE SAKER:  Yeah, this is bad. And barring a miracle, the dream is really over.
DARKMOON: I gather you supported Trump initially, and still do, though only as an alternative to the infinitely horrible Hillary. You were never a “Trump dreamer”, were you, like his White Nationalist supporters?
THE SAKER: I never was a “Trump dreamer”. I was merely a Trump *hoper* meaning that I had hopes that Trump would not only be better than Hillary, but that he might deliver on, at least, some of his “dream” message.
But if the choice is the Neocons humiliating Trump or thermonuclear war – then I pick the former, with gratitude.
DARKMOON: Small consolation, Mr Saker, if the Anglo-Zionist “parasites” are feeding on the host—and if WE are the host!
THE SAKER:  It is an undeniable fact that the United States are currently the host upon which the Anglo-Zionist parasite feeds—which this parasite uses to try to subjugate the entire planet.
DARKMOON:  I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that your coded language—in which you refer to “Anglo-Zionist parasites” and an attempt “to subjugate the entire planet”—is straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If I’m not mistaken, you are basically referring here to world domination by Jews.
THE SAKER: What is happening now is that the Neocons and the deep state have succeeded in re-taking control of their host, but only at the cost of a major weakening of that host. The ongoing color revolution against Trump is gutting the power of the American host and, thus, of the Anglo-Zionist parasite.
DARKMOON: A remarkably astute analysis. It takes audacity to say such a thing. Poor America! The blood’s being  sucked out of it by the parasite that feeds on it! Where next, America?
THE SAKER: In political terms, the “indispensable nation” and “the city upon the hill” are now the laughingstock of the planet. God only knows where this process might lead us next.
DARKMOON:  A civil war?
THE SAKER:  I, for one, would absolutely not exclude the possibility of civil war in the USA. At this point in time, I am not predicting a civil war in the USA, but I am saying that it has become a real possibility. Civil war or not, all the Neocons and the deep state are doing is accelerating the inevitable collapse of the USA as a world hegemon.
DARKMOON: Can you expand a bit on your view that the problem we are facing is essentially a clash of interests between what Trump wants for America and what the neoconservative elite, the parasites feeding on the host, want for themselves?
THE SAKER:  The big story for the foreseeable future will be the infighting inside the US deep state. Why infighting? Because Trump is also part of the deep state. He did not just suddenly pop out of nowhere, ex nihilo. He had, and still has, powerful backers. That’s the good news.
DARKMOON: And the bad news?
THE SAKER: The bad news is that the faction of the deep state which is backing Trump appears to be the weaker one.
DARKMOON: How much weaker?
THE SAKER: The anti-Trump forces inside the deep state are 70% and the Trump supporters are therefore 30%.  The infighting between the 70% and the 30% will leave very little energy for either party to deal with Russia, China or Iran. It is a sweet irony that the big proponents of divide et impera [‘divide and rule’] did just that to themselves, is it not?
DARKMOON:  How sad. So it’s Good-bye, beautiful dream, is it?
THE SAKER: Yes, the “Trump dream” is probably over. It was beautiful as long as it lasted. What happened is really simple. With the election of Trump, the Neocons suffered a crushing defeat and it took them less than a month to regroup and castrate Trump. This is bad and the “Trump dream” is over.
DARKMOON: Are there any parallels here with the Ukraine situation, do you think? Just as they managed to stage a coup against Yanukovich, the democratically elected leader in Ukraine, installing a Jewish puppet in his place, are they trying to do the same to President Trump? Is Trump to be the new Yanukovich?
THE SAKER: Right now, Trump looks like Yanukovich, true. But I think that he is also a far smarter and much more honorable person than Yanukovich. Call me naïve, but my gut feeling is that Trump cares for the USA and that he wants to do the right thing.
DARKMOON: It’s good to hear you say that. I pointed out something very similar in a recent article of my own: “Trump is in deep trouble, it’s touch and go whether he’s going to survive. In other words, he’s a good guy drowning.”
THE SAKER: I might be wrong about Trump, of course. But at least so far I do not see the clear signs of the total rot and corruption which Yanukovich had all over his face. Furthermore, Trump appears to be learning. That is very important. In his latest press conference,Trump finally showed some real guts and counter-attacked the media. Very effectively I would say. Trump might be a fast learner. And if that is really the case, then he might learn some most useful lessons from the entire Flynn debacle.
DARKMOON: So there are grounds for hope?
THE SAKER:  Hopes are still permitted! Not expectations. Hopes. If the Neocons don’t succeed in impeaching him, Trump might still end up kicking some ass. And if they do impeach him, they will further weaken the Empire.


DARKMOON (a few days later) : Events have moved on rapidly since I last spoke with you. It seems you are now far less hopeful than you were. You’ve done a sudden U-turn. Passing from cautious optimism to bleak pessimism. You now expect Trump to be impeached for treason any time soon. How come?
THE SAKER:  This is an excerpt from an RT program entitled “Watching the Hawks”. In this excerpt, a “former” Mossad officer, Juval Aviv, predicts that Donald Trump will be impeached for treason in the next few months.
DARKMOON: A shocking development, but why should we heed this prediction?
THE SAKER: My experience and gut feeling tells me that this is far from innocent. What I see happening is a preparation for a Trump impeachment on grounds of treason. Here I fully agree with Aviv.
DARKMOON:  So you feel Trump is a goner?
THE SAKER: Whether Trump realizes it or not, he is now fighting for his life. Politically and, probably, literally.
DARKMOON:  Literally? You mean he risks assassination?
THE SAKER: He has only days, maybe weeks, to take very strong action. If he continues to take hit after hit after hit and think that good speeches are going to save him, he is absolutely wrong!
DARKMOON: You’re suggesting that a coup is imminent, right? But can’t he get his appointees in the administration to spring to his defense? Pompeo, Mattis, Jeff Sessions, can’t they rally round him and help to mount a counter-coup?
THE SAKER: Alas, with Flynn Trump really blew it. Flynn, for all his idiosyncrasies and failings, was the kind of man who could have stood by Trump and directed a desperately needed crackdown against the Neocons and their part of the ‘deep state’. Now he’s  left with the very non-political McMaster. Pompeo and Mattis are, at best, useless too. And I am really not impressed by Jeff Sessions who does not strike me as the kind of man who could support, never mind lead, a counter-coup.
As for the notion that Trump is now leaning on Netanyahu for support – I see that as a death sentence for Trump.
DARKMOON:  So it’s all over for Trump?
THE SAKER: I am afraid that the Trump Presidency is on life support.
DARKMOON:  A sad day for democracy if the 62,979,636 Americans who opted for Trump are to be cheated out of the president they voted for — and if a Hillary Clinton proxy, which is what the ‘deep state’ wants, is foisted upon them. There will be rioting and blood in the streets.
Allow me to conclude this piece by stating categorically that if the President is impeached and replaced by his Vice President, Mike Pence, which will be the obvious outcome of Trump’s eviction from the White House, it will be a major catastrophe.
Why? Because Pence, like Hillary Clinton, appears to be perfect  blackmail material for the ‘deep state’, with as many skeletons in the cupboard as Hillary Clinton — if not more. A black shadow hangs over the reputation of Mike Pence, with allegations that Pence is a multiple child rapist and murderer. If there’s even a whiff of truth in these bizarre allegations, what hope for America? I’ll leave you to mull over this final quotation:
Vice President Mike Pence has been implicated in the pedophile scandal that has the establishment in a panic. According to former CIA analyst Robert David Steele, General Michael Flynn was not dismissed for talking to the Russian ambassador and lying about it. He was fired because he had information on a close friend of Pence who is a pedophile. This is consistent with the fact that Flynn’s son was also fired during the campaign for tweeting about pizzagate.
More concerning is that Tory Smith has a series of youtubes accusing Mike Pence of being a multiple child rapist and murderer. Smith, who claimed to be a victim of satanic ritual abuse himself, makes a series of frankly crazy assertions. However, he predicted that Indiana State Police would kill him, and indeed, as of July 2016, he is dead.
He is dead. How convenient. This does not bode well. If Trump is impeached, only to be replaced by a puppet of the ‘deep state’ who happens to be a child raping serial killer, all hell will break loose. So let’s hope Trump will not be impeached.

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Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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