Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail — Feb 22, 2017



“It is a common mistake to think these ritual crimes to be merely compromising public people and making them blackmail-able and obedient, or to be the ultimate pastime of an elite jaded by all other stimuli and fleeing boredom into that hell : magic does exist…
These awful acts modify the metaphysical framework of reality. The frightening thing is that all things in this material world are ultimately subject to the interplay of evil forces deployed for their own sake..”
The author, Francis, is a longtime practitioner of white Voodoo. I can’t pretend to understand the black magick he describes and welcome explanations.  Warning:
This is gruesome.

By Francis — (

Pedophilia and pedothysia (ritual child murder) are NOT used by the Deep State solely to compromise politicians in order to make them obedient to their masters.
Pedophilia, together with ritual toddler murder, IS by itself a source of infinite direct power over all material things, especially political, social, and financial, no matter if you do it alone by yourself or together with a large elite group including Hillary Clinton in some forlorn thicket of Haiti (Jeremie.)
Pedophilia and pedothysia (paiderosis and paidothusis as they were called) were the only two considered elementary instruments of Athenian « democracy » in the very same way the compass and the ruler were the only two instruments of Greek geometry by the times of Pericles, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Modern democracy has been invented for the exercise of both political instruments.
Why is pedophilia so important? The stairway to absolute magical power always was buggering a prepubescent child from before puberty….
Criminally-minded people don’t want to fuse with another different being so as to enjoy a far larger breathing space out of their ego. The other’s personality is rather for them an obstacle they have to deny and stamp out in their quest for absolute pleasure and power. Their ambition is to make the other’s personality their own food for personal growth.
But as the fledgling criminal mind tries to seduce and control ever greater masses of flesh and crush so many individualities thereby to get ever more power, he risks provoking many a partner into a revolt. He has to minimize the risk of such a revolt by choosing younger and younger immature lovers he can discard at will for ever younger ones when they are about to realize they are abused and to claim for at least a very expensive price for their services. Thus he goes with prepubescent children he can talk to as if he were a parent, and then more and more a God to them.



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