Chaos in Sweden

From Swedish Citizen Journalists — Feb 21, 2017

Since Trump is using Sweden as a bad example and our airhead politicians don´t understand what he is talking about we thought we would try to enlighten people:

The Shocking Truth about Sweden

Our names are Johan Andersson and Erik Johansson but that’s not our real names. We have more than 4 million views on our YouTube channel in a country of 10 million people. In Sweden it’s too dangerous to use our real names, since we are citizen journalists who do not conform to the establishment agenda. If our identities would become public, we would lose our jobs, our families harassed, and we would fear for our lives. All this because the Government have a close relation to extreme lefties, AFA, who have killed people before. All leading figures of the Swedish Democrats have been assaulted and nearly killed, during a dinner party. 17 people were seriously injured. Afterwards, the media wrote about “Sweden Democrats, making themselves martyrs”.


Together with a couple of citizen journalists, who work under cover, on a non-profit basis, we have covered hundreds such stories. We are the only ones who dare, because in Sweden the elite can call you a racist if you cover such stories. And being a racist is the ultimate social stigma in Sweden.

After three years of ignoring our small citizen journalist network, called Granskning Sverige (Review Sweden) on YouTube, last week we were scandalized in the Swedish media. The local newspaper Eskilstuna-Kuriren, together with all the media establishment, had a thorn in our side due to our method of calling journalists and politicians and asking them questions without telling them we are conducting an interview which we later publish on YouTube. We asked Eskilstuna-Kuriren why they have an Islamist in their editorial staff? Instead of firing him, their publisher defended him and told us “He actually have good values. He is only enticed by the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Wow! Good to know! (in Swedish)

When we published this revelation. The Islamic journalist himself rang back to threaten one our female citizen journalists, who is also anonymous. “Where do you live? What´s your name? What´s the name of your partner? Come to the editorial office and let us talk!”

“Eskilstuna-Kuriren” wrote an article about us and suddenly all MSM jumped on the bandwagon, “the troll factory who pay people to hate”, which is not true at all. Although the article hade 45 pieces of fake news, almost every media channel cited the article without directing a single question to us.

What is our main revelations that Swedish MSM have brushed under the carpet?

  1. The former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (2006-2014) wanted to destroy the country’s welfare system, using immigration as a tool to overload the system. The story was brought to us by Bo Lundgren, the former leader of Fredrik Reinfeldt´s party “Moderaterna”, when we called him privately, stating that we were supporters of his party. Not a single Swedish newspaper picked up this story in spite of more than 100.000 views on Youtube.

(not Eng sub)

  1. The former leader of the Social Democrats party’s (The party that now governs Sweden) leader Håkan Juholt, had an advisor on top level that 2015 claims “When the revolution is coming, I will take my Kalashnikov and shoot”. Not one newspaper wrote about this and the revolutionary himself, Daniel Suhonen, is still one of the main debater and thinker in the Swedish state TV.

(Eng sub)


  1. The system of immigration is so sloppy or corrupt that every ISIS-warrior in the world can come to Sweden, without being questioned. This is because every immigrant is a tabula rasa when crossing the Swedish border, and it is up to the Swedish officials to prove his identity. We called the Swedish secret service to ask about jailing ISIS-warriors in Sweden (which is the number one recruitment place for ISIS-warriors in Europe). The secret service woman stated:

“If we find a mobile containing a picture of a man holding a chopped off head in his hand. We cannot prove he is guilty, so we let him go” (in Swedish)

4 The foreign minister Margot Wallström mocks Swedish rape victims! True!

(Eng sub)


Story after story! We have published over 200 interviews and programs on YouTube.

The Swedish journalists are controlled by the Social Democrat party (according to what the former press Secretary Eva Franchell wrote in her memoirs). The Swedish press never covered our citizen journalist initiative or any of our stories. Now is the first time they cover us and now the narrative is “the troll factory that spreads hate and fake news”.

Sweden is a rouge state, trying to be a superpower through the UN. But the “humanitarian superpower”, as they call themselves, is a failed state today. The police have lost control over the no-go-zones, and have no resources to investigate the almost daily murders. Women have to give birth in their cars due to the distance to maternity hospitals. Fire fighters cannot fight the daily problem of burning cars, because the immigrants throwing stones at them. Ambulances are equipped with riot-gear, sexual assaults have skyrocketed. The whole social security system will collapse within a near future due to the ambition of our politicians to become the humanitarian superpower of the world.

Best regards,

Johan Andersson

Erik Johansson

Granskning Sverige


(Review Sweden)

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