Russia Planned Regime Change in Montenegro

News Commentary — Feb 20, 2017

Articles exposing supposed Russian skulduggery are now appearing as frequently as they were at the height of the Cold War. The latest being that Russia planned to kill Montenegro’s pro-Western Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, in order to prevent the country joining NATO.
Russia has rejected the accusations and demanded hard evidence, which has yet to be provided.
The allegations originate from the same quarter as earlier claims about Russian ‘interference’ in last November’s U.S. presidential election. Both can be traced back to British intelligence, or former British intelligence agents, and like allegations of “Russian hacking” in the 2016 U.S. elections they remain unconfirmed.
Donald Trump. Click to enlarge

Donald Trump. Click to enlarge

In fact the author of the dossier that allegedly exposed Trump’s “outlandish” encounters with Russian prostitutes was named as Christopher Steele. Remember those claims? They came from an ex-MI6 officer who was described by a former colleague as ‘slightly more showy and less grounded in reality than you might expect a former SIS person to be’.
As such they needed to be approached with a healthy scepticism. Because the Russians are no longer a moribund superpower and the likes of Christopher Steele are doing their utmost to portray Moscow as posing a potential threat to the West.
This includes portraying any potential allies they might have in the West, like U.S. President Donald Trump, in the worst possible light. Not only does this help undermine more conservative elements in the West, it also helps sabotage any potential reconciliation with Russia.
That seems to be the name of the game right now in the Western corporate media.
Thus the report on how “Russia ‘plotted to kill Montenegro’s PM” needs to seen in context, as it resonates with the antipathy toward Trump currently prevailing in the Western corporate media.
Nor is it any wonder that Trump has labled the media the ‘enemy of the American people.’ Given their current form that’s no exaggeration.
Here it’s worth recalling that prior to Trump’s November election surprise Hillary Clinton had been the media’s favourite to win. Days before the actual election she was still being tipped as a winner and had she succeeded America would have almost certainly been set on a course of confrontation with Russia.
Little more than three months ago stories that seemed to prefigure an impending clash with Russia were everywhere. Russia even warned its citizens about the impending probability of such a clash.
Fortunately, that prospect has diminished substantially with Trump’s election. Although strangely enough, the corporate media doesn’t seem to have got the message yet. They are still churning out reports on Russia’s duplicity, just as they were while Hillary Clinton was still a contender in the race for the White House.
That’s not to say that Donald Trump is without fault. It’s just in contrast with Hillary Clinton, he’s the lesser of two evils by far.
Had Hillary Clinton taken residence in the White House the prospect of war with Russia would be looming large right now.
In little more than three months the prospect of a military clash with Russia has gone from a very real possibility to what is essentially a “conspiracy theory” that is being promoted by the corporate media.
Some ‘conspiracy theories’ are based in fact. Some are indeed verifiable fact but some, like claims that Russia wanted ‘regime change’ in Montenegro, are little more than media generated speculation. Ed.

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