Traditional Dance Company Vexes Communist China — Feb 14, 2017

Shen Yun Uses Animated Backdrop For Dancers

Shen Yun Uses Animated Backdrop For Dancers

With five companies, Shen Yun has become the largest classical Chinese dance troop in the world touring more than 100 cities every year.
This makes the Chinese Communist Party ballistic because this dance  represents everything good and beautiful that the Communists have destroyed.
Naturally they are determined to destroy Shen Yun as well. 

Communism is Satanism.

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Shen Yun has aroused the opposition of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) because the dance show is attracting full houses in theatres across the whole world.
US based, it was created by Falun Gong practitioners and it shows the beauty of traditional, divinely inspired Chinese culture while also informing people of the atrocities against human rights and free speech in China today.
In 2006, a group of leading classical Chinese artists came together in New York with one wish: to revive the true, divinely inspired culture of China and share it with the world. They called it Shen Yun. Shen means divine being and represents the myriad of divine figures in Chinese history.
Yun means rhythm and and conveys a person’s entire bearing. Shen Yun means the beauty of divine beings dancing in the heavens. Shen Yun combines traditional Chinese dance with a live orchestra blending western and Chinese instruments.
Since its beginnings with one touring company Shen Yun attracted full houses in many cities across the world. Today Shen Yun has five touring companies and has become the largest classical Chinese dance company in the world touring more than 100 cities every year.
Since its beginnings the CCP has done everything in its power to interfere with Shen Yun shows including threatening theatre directors across the world, slashing tires on touring buses, sending threatening letters to MPs and putting pressure on foreign departments etc. This year they have a new tactic: Paid advertisements in large media outlets such as Washington Post, The Telegraph (UK) and The Age (Australia) where they slander Shen Yun in primitive ways.


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