Rule # 1 – Maintain Civility (Sanity) — Feb 13, 2017

roller-coasterWe are programmed to be anxious.
As long as I can remember, they have been frightening us with discord and war. Hiroshima. The Cuban missile crisis. The Cold War. Korea, Vietnam,  Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and now potential war with Iran, Russia and China.
“They” are on both sides of every issue. Isn’t it time we got off their roller coaster?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I don’t have to tell you how toxic political discourse  in the US has become.
It began in the election campaign and hasn’t let up. The Left so demonized Trump that their supporters are literally traumatized by his victory. They are losing their minds.  Calling publicly for Trump’s assassination. Punching his supporters. Floating stories that he is insane or that the election was “hacked by the Russians.” Threatening violent resistance. In a country where semi-automatic weapons are freely available, things are volatile to say the least.
We have what I call, “cult induction interruptus.” Under Obama, the Masonic Jewish globalist agenda was in full blossom. National, racial, religious and gender (family) boundaries were disintegrating. Americans were sinking deeper into the Cabalist Jewish (Communist) satanic cult
Trump’s victory has interrupted this process. He is “building a wall.” Those indoctrinated by globalists (liberals, feminists) are confused and angry. The Left has always resorted to ridicule and slander because at some level they know their cause is evil. They have lost any sense of common decency, historical perspective or respect for the democratic process or truth.
Events confirm that we live in a de facto Communist society. The mass media is almost completely controlled by the Soros-globalist faction, i.e. Cabalist congenital liars. This control even extends to the government-owned media in Canada, Australia, the Uk and Europe. The large corporations are also controlled by these Masonic Jewish central bankers. Never have I seen corporations take a political stand and risk alienating at least half of their potential customers.
What are conservatives to do?
  1. Maintain civility (sanity).


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