Brendon O’Connell – Last Thoughts about Tehran — Feb 11, 2017

that huge Iranian flat bread hides souvlaki skewers & onions. Click to enlarge

that huge Iranian flat bread hides souvlaki skewers & onions. Click to enlarge

Brendon is now cooling his heels in Kuala Lampur after trying unsuccessfully to find political asylum and anti-Zionist work in Iran. He needs to raise money to return to Australia where he plans to challenge the “racial vilification” law that landed him in jail for three years.
Brendon’s case is simple – he upset a Jewish guy who was “offended”. From that interaction at a political rally, which the Jewish guy freely attended, Brendon spent three years in jail. He had his arm broken and was beaten unconscious. The arm was untreated and the beating covered up. Israel intervened in the case, against him naturally.

By Brendon O’Connell — (

I returned from Iran a little disappointed but happy, hitting Kuala Lumpur international airport on Monday, 30th of January. From chilly Iran to hot and humid Malaysia. I was glad to be out of there.
There were many opportunities to be had but I was not prepared to make compromises. While I accept I had to alter my style and presence to become more palatable and move from bar room brawler to semi-respectable suit wearer, I could not deal with the lawyer [ostensibly supporting me] and his obvious resistance to the two subjects I live for – Israeli Intelligence activity the world over, and Jewish racial and religious supremacism as the foundation for the Israeli state.
This “foundation” explains the often barbaric treatment of the Indigenous Semites of occupied Palestine. These topics were not negotiable. I fought with the lawyer for three weeks about this. Finally he organized with the Persian Gulf Studies Center to get together and organize a conference. I had told him if he kept trying to divert me away from these subjects I would walk. Exposing Orthodox Judaism, The Talmud, Shulkan Aruk and Kabbalah seemed to strike fear in his heart…. But he constantly gave me stuff to keep me from pestering him about the conference – Galaxy S7 Edge, high end video editing laptop, Sony Tablet etc. I walked away from a privileged panda bear type existence with all the sugar cane I wanted – I didn’t want it.
Perhaps I should have just sulked away to a backpackers and chilled out by trendy Tehran university but in the end I just decided to leave.



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