The David Icke Saga…or Farce?

The David Icke saga is rapidly turning into a farce but one that is generating a lot of uncertainty and fear. Commenting on Icke’s claim that access to the great pyramid had been barred during the August 2000 solar eclipse because human sacrifices were scheduled to take place, the sites archaeological director had this to say:

“What puzzles me is why David didn’t contact me if he wanted to get in…There is a reason why I respond to such reports. I feel it is very negative to present rumours to the public without the facts. Especially the harsh rumours that secret murders were going to occur here inside the pyramid. I feel this focuses a lot of negative energy toward this peaceful and wonderful country… as Icke and Arizona instil mental images of blood and guts all over the chambers of this sacred pyramid…Icke is quick to post such rumours on his web site and speak about such things to large groups… but once he gets here his investigative skills involve sitting at the entrance of the pyramid and trying to come up with a conspiracy theory for the tickets being sold out.”
Amargi Hillier Director, Project Duat Cairo, Egypt

From The Seeker, Spring 2000