Trump’s Ties to Koch’s Tea Party — Feb 6, 2017


Trump and Tea Party sugar daddy, David Koch. Business as usual. Click to enlarge

 When we fall in love, we tend to see the loved one through  the prism of our desires. We want dear Donald to defuse world tensions, seal the borders, stop globalism and promote Christian values. We cover our ears when anyone criticizes our dear one, especially since the whole world hates him!!
But after only two weeks, we begin to notice discordant behavior. For example, his failure to ease tensions with Russia while menacing Russia’s ally, Iran. Also, his clumsy travel ban which excludes Saudi Arabia, who he had accused of involvement in 9-11. Then, there was the repeal of consumer protections in the financial industry. Finally, his promotion of the  Islamophobic terror narrative designed to justify endless war. Zionist Intelligence agencies are behind terror. Why is Donald being like this?
It’s time to repost a reminder (below) that the Illuminati keep us in polarized paralysis by means of a left-right dialectic financed by Jewish billionaires George Soros on the Left and the Koch’s on the Right.  Through his appointments, Trump exposes his ties to Koch’s Tea Party and the Illuminati right. MSNBC writes:   “From White House Counsel Don McGahn and transition team advisers Tom Pyle, Darin Selnick and Alan Cobb to inaugural committee member Diane Hendricks and transition-team executive committee members Rebekah Mercer and Anthony Scaramucci, Trump has surrounded himself with people tied to the Kochs. This doesn’t include Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), Trump’s choice to lead the CIA, who’s been fairly characterized as the Koch brothers’ “favorite congressman.


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