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Smoking Mirrors — Feb 5, 2017

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Mr Apocalypse keeps walking that walk …and bringing things from under rocks out into the light of day. Some mass media websites are Anti-Trump all the Time and we are encountering more and more, newer and newer sub sectors of political correctness offenses. Now we have a category entitled racist anal sex jokes. The All Negative Trump News website is also known as Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington is one of those upwardly mobile types. She married a rich oil man and got herself a nice leveraged buyout when she went her own way. Apparently her ex-husband was gay; no word on whether she was the cause of that. She’s one of those people who has raised hypocrisy and talking out of both sides of her mouth to a fine art. She wants revolution and the destruction of the Republican Party. She wants all kinds of things.
Let me point out with that mass arrest in Kalifornia; the huge pedophile ring, that… no names are mentioned, even the location is obscured and… you know why? Famous people are involved and this is something that Trump had in the works some time ago. He knew they were going to come after him so he set the groundwork in motion. He knows all about what’s going on. That was no idle mistake with Kellyane Conway about that staged event in Bowling Green. Just wait my friends. He’s playing out the rope they are going to hang themselves with. Never before has someone refused to play the game to this extent. It’s a toss up as to whether he can survive long enough to pull it off. Keep this all in mind as events proceed apace.
Apparently “Huffington has had a lifelong interest in spirituality; in her youth, together with Bernard Levin, she explored the Rajneesh movement, later dating est founder Werner Erhard and going on to become affiliated with John-Roger Hinkins’ Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. In 1994, she published a self-help book titled The Fourth Instinct, outlining her view that people should rise above the three basic instincts of survival, power, and sex to find their higher and better selves.”
Like many people with no legitimately inspired, creative fire, she is a plagiarist. All kinds of things go with the job descriptor of Crass Opportunist and of this we may be sure, she wants to be in the news and she wants to be celebrated as only a person whose life is a reality TV show can be.
I didn’t come here today to knock on Arianna. I came here to make a commentary about all the people like Arianna who make a living out of attacking people who don’t reflect her world view of how others should be and who, if they were, would make the world a far worse place than it already is.
As has been noted here, Visible is an observer of trends. What has not been delineated though is, ‘why Visible is a Trend Awareness Junkie’. Visible (am I talking in the third person here? I can never figure out what happened to the second person. Oh well). I have discovered that with the right amount of focused attention on anything, that object will make itself comprehensible, through some time tested mediums, such as the spheres of logic and reason …and reason and logic, correctly applied, will activate areas of intuition and (muse influenced) inspiration. One thing leads to another. Take two or more elements and create a compound. Take two ideas and they will lead to another idea and another idea. You can also look into the future with Trend Awareness, if it is projected upon the screen of the mind and brought into useful associations with logic and reason. I am a huge fan of Logic and Reason.
One time, that great philosopher Socrates, at the behest of his disciple, Plato, took an illiterate slave boy and demonstrated something profound. Socrates, like myself, believed that Memory is an amazing feature of our being. He also believed the soul is immortal (as do I). We have heard Socrates name, now and again, across the reach of time that has been expended in our lives. What do we know of Socrates, except that he killed himself with Hemlock because he refused to compromise himself? Are we familiar with what he called, ‘my daemon’? This is not to infer that what he meant by daemon is the same as what is commonly known as demon. We look at things but not into them. We take the names of those we hear about for granted. This is one reason that I have read so many biographies. You will find that if you do this, you will learn many a curious and interesting fact about the names mentioned and remembered.
Yes, God loves us and we should keep certain cardinal features in mind. If God loves us, as God indeed does, this means that God is beyond willing to help us in every way that is possible and for God… all things are possible. We don’t trust God because we don’t trust ourselves. Everything comes down to the term ‘reflection’. We reflect outward into the world what we believe inwardly about ourselves …and that gives added weight to becoming as a little child …because it confers a tabla rasa upon us.
My friends, we have been on this exponential tandem journey for some while now. Was it some kind of accident that it happened? Did we just randomly fall together with one another or… is it one of those ‘Kismet meant to be’ constructions? How is it that so many of you came along with me, through all of those ‘learning as you go’ mishaps of mine? What Really Happened and Rense and SOTT and some others all dropped me but… you’re still here and I’m still here and we’re dancing in the dark with a lamp lit in our heart.
When you have decided not to sell your ass for small change, you get to hold on to all those really important aspects of yourself and you will find, as I have been finding, that those are the most important parts of yourself and that without them you are no longer you …but someone else and you have no idea who that is, or when it was that that personality showed up. “What shall it profit a man, if He gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”
We are a living fountain of endless possibilities, overflowing; “my cup runneth over.” We are my friends, becoming what we already are. Are we evolving into something as yet not completely formed? Are we pulling away the veils to reveal what has been submerged beneath our artifice all along? This is why Memory and Reflection are so very, very important. We do not one day discover or add to ourselves some missing component. We reveal ourselves to ourselves, when the time is right and we are meant to have the experience.
What I have been attempting to point out in this posting and missing the mark, as I usually do, is that the falsity of all the bad actors in this world, on the main stage, are programmed to be exposed. Count on it. The wheels were set in motion some time ago and, as ever, the timing of the divine is perfect. Right when it needs to be, it is. We are set to remember and reflect at the appointed hour. Simply consider the sun and the moon and how they exhibits all the essential components of our being. We are the world entire, encapsulated within the separated bits of ourselves, coming together and in the moment of that wonderful union, the gestalt occurs and the whole becomes, is, more than the sum of its parts.
We hope to see you at the time when it works out to happen. Many surprising events are scheduled for this coming year. I think we are in for one amazing ride.
I’m going to cut this posting short by a couple of paragraphs, as I got to go do the radio broadcast next. Also tomorrow comes the Super Bowl and I know that many of you are not into that but I am, because I have heroes and I like to watch- trend wise- what is to come. In 1999, as I left for Germany, I heard about this fellow Tom Brady and his mentor, Bill Bellichick. I appreciate excellence and I don’t care what platform it appears on. I just love to see it happen. It could be in many another format and I would still appreciate it. I think tomorrow is going to be extra special because there is a lot riding on it.
May God bless you one and all and you have my deep and enduring love, expressed to you in every opportunity given me to do exactly that.
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