Satan Lives and his Spawn Stalk the Land

The Irish Savant — Feb 2, 2017

Destroy the family” observed Vladimir Lenin, “and you destroy the country.” And that psychopath was nothing if not a perceptive student of societal destruction. The nuclear family is the bedrock of a stable society. And that’s why Lenin’s ‘spiritual’ heirs have focused their demonic attention on destroying it. No-fault divorce, mothers in the workplace, pornography, degenerate art, undermining parental authority, and the glamorising of miscegenation, extra-marital sex and homosexuality….the list goes on.
But there were depths to which even the nation-wreckers were unwilling to descend. Or so I though until I checked a link supplied by regular commentator ‘James’. This related to an article in a German magazine called Baby And Family, a publication which purports to help parents prepare kids for the real world by making them smart, healthy and ‘responsible citizens’. Really.
The title of the piece was Danger from the Right. Here’s how Vertigopolitix describes it.  “It depicted an artist’s renderings of solely blonde mothers with their blonde children in various settings such as playgrounds or day care centers. However, the accompanying text was thinly veiled, deliberately anti-German doublespeak. The writer warned of a rise in “right-wing” extremism amongst middle class native Germans, especially in the eastern rural areas. Parents, the writer cautioned, should be vigilant at all times, but that the warning signs were easily detected if one knew what to look for. And what are these indicators, she asked?”
And this is where things become surreal….
1. If the children are “inconspicuous, cute, and engaged.”
2. The family is generally nice and dedicated to one another.
3. If the children are cleanly clothed, obedient, and not overly loud.
4. The parents and children do not have American logos on their clothing.
5. If the children exhibit attentiveness beyond their years.
6. Young girls who often exhibit “accurately braided hair and wear long skirts.”
7. If the parents try to build personal relationships with other parents.
8. Parents who want to build a “better community.”
9. If the family seems “too normal.”
Can you credit that? Seriously, can you credit that? That the purveyors of this malevolence feel confident enough to publish it in a leading ‘family’ journal eloquently reveals the extent of German self-destruction. That they have not been strung up from lamp-posts but (as the Vertigopolitex article reveals) are actually subsidised by the German Government suggests that Germany has gone beyond the point of no return. Thus the plans hatched by (((the tribe))) for the destruction of the German people are coming to fruition, albeit in a less gory fashion than originally hoped for.
Speaking of which I note that our old friend (((Anetta Kahane))), ex-Stasi crony of Frau Merkel, has been a key player in providing intellectual input to the Danger From The Right article.
Truly Satan lives and his spawn stalk the land. It’s open warfare. This time we must win.



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