Trump Won Because Americans are Sick of Immigration — Jan 30, 2017


We all know that agencies like Mossad and the CIA orchestrate most “Muslim” or “white supremacist” terror. Trump must know this too. 
But it doesn’t matter because most Americans are sick of immigration regardless of whom instigates terror.
Trump won because Stephen Bannon convinced him to stake everything on this fact.  
While the Democrats were rigging polls to fit the globalist agenda, Trump was looking at the true data. He vowed to stop  the  dispossession of the white working class by curtailing immigration. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

One of the disadvantages of living in a reality bubble (i.e. Cabalist solipsism) is that the Clinton Democrats lost touch with reality.
Democrats skewed polls and then believed the results themselves. They said Americans were pro-immigration by a 60-30 margin. (See the graph below left.) 
Luckily the Trump Campaign was in touch with reality. A Breitbart article by Julia Hahn published on July 31, 2016, set the tone for the remaining ten weeks of the campaign: 
“New polling data shows that it would be virtually impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the general election if the Republican nominee were able to frame the immigration issue in populist terms that emphasize reducing the overall amount of immigration into the country and protecting jobs, incomes, and benefits for the domestic population.”


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