Mischa Barton Under “Psychiatric Evaluation” After Breaking Down And Screaming That Her Mother Is a Witch

VC — Vigilant Citizen Jan 27, 2017

Mischa Barton breakdown3Actress Mischa Barton was taken to a hospital after she was found hanging on a fence and yelling about the end of the world and her mom being a witch. Unfortunately, that meltdown follows a known pattern in Hollywood.
Mischa Barton, the 31 year-old actress most famous for her roles in the Sixth Sense and The O.C. is under “psychiatric evaluation” after bizarre episode at her West Hollywood home.
Barton was found hanging on a fence, wearing only a dress shirt and a tie, screaming that her mother was witch. She was also rambling that the “world was shattering” and something abotu “Ziggy Stardust” – which is apparently the name of her dog. Ziggy Stardust is the name of David Bowie’s “occult” alter-persona.
TMZ released chilling pictures of Barton’s meltdown which capture her state complete distress.

Mischa Barton breakdown1

Mischa Barton breakdown2

According to TMZ, Barton then reportedly fell off the fence and said:
“Oh my God, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!”
What was she talking about? Mischa appears to be yet another celebrity who has had a complete breakdown while alluding to dark, occult and supernatural things. While sources such as Radar Online have quickly highlighted Barton’s history of substance abuse to explain the situation, her drug consumption might only be a symptom of more deep-seethed issues.

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