Donald Trump and the New Islamophobia

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph — Darkmoon Jan 28, 2017

Introduced by Lasha Darkmoon:

Mahmoud El-Yousseph, Retired USAF Veteran (

Mahmoud El-Yousseph, Retired USAF Veteran (

I have known Mahmoud El-Yousseph for several years now and can vouch for his total honesty and integrity. We met first in 2008 on Mark Glenn’s Ugly Truth site, over eight years ago, as fellow contributors. Several of Mahmoud’s articles, dealing mostly with the Arab-Israeli situation in Occupied Palestine, have appeared on the Darkmoon site
Mahmoud is a staunch defender of the Palestinian cause and nothing would please him more than to see Israel prosecuted for its outrageous war crimes.
It would make Mahmoud die happy if he could live to see the day when Palestine was returned to its rightful owners. To witness his fellow Palestinians receive fair treatment from the Americans and a complete restoration of their stolen lands, with the Right of Return granted to the seven million exiles of the Palestine diaspora—this would be, for Mahmoud, a foretaste of paradise.   
Unfortunately for Mahmoud, his worst dreams are now likely to come true. For he is now likely to see, in the reign of Emperor Donald Trump, two ominous new developments which neither he nor his fellow-Muslims had ever anticipated:
(1) A violent Islamophobic backlash against the Muslim community in America, all stirred up and brought to boiling point by the all-powerful Jewish media, aided and abetted by a Donald Trump who has made his Zionist affiliations only too clear. (See also this long list of articles proving Trump’s total commitment to Israel and his contempt for the Palestinians). 
(2) The likely betrayal of the Palestinian people by the Trump administration in the foreseeable future, with the Israelis being not only allowed to keep their stolen lands but to extend their illegal settlements even further into Arab territory.
This has not yet occurred, but it appears to be on the cards: and if and when it does occur, it would be in blatant violation of international law. To my mind, the betrayal of Palestine would be morally indefensible. And the White Nationalists who supported Trump and helped to get him elected would then be directly to blame for the destruction of Palestine.*
* See my comment below in the Comment Section (under ‘LD’) where I offer some further clarification on this matter.
This need not occur, but many see it as the most likely scenario. As long as the Jews in America let Trump push through his immigration reforms, without kicking up too much of a fuss, they will have Palestine as a reward. Palestine will be the bone thrown to these mad dogs to keep them in line. It will be the bribe that buys their compliance and cooperation in America.
Most White Nationalists remain unaware of this Faustian bargain—that Palestine is the bribe for Jewish good behavior in America—and those White Nationalists who are aware of this, couldn’t care less about the Palestinians anyway. To hell with the Palestinians! That is their attitude. They actually prefer the white-skinned Ashkenazi  Jews of America, the ones who provide them with their non-stop entertainment and pornography, to the darker-skinned Palestinians in their distant land.     
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Trump will continue to deserve the adulation of his ardent White Nationalist supporters for as long as possible. Long may it continue! But this is just a honeymoon period, we cannot help feeling, that will soon end in tears—in bitter tears and disillusionment. 
Wait and see. [LD]


By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

dees shot palestinean kid

“What next? — Concentration camps for Muslims in America?”

President Trump’s executive order banning Muslims from entering the US is outrageous and divisive.
The ban stereotypes all Muslims as potential terrorists and creates a climate of fear and bigotry like the hysteria surrounding the treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. This, in turn, will make Americans turn against each other
Extremists come in all faiths and do not reflect the values and beliefs of the vast majority of the members of the religious groups to which they belong. Contrary to the public belief, FBI statistics show that over 90% of domestic terrorist acts in the US are committed by non-Muslims.
This executive ban affects and insults every Muslim immigrant to America who holds a green card or or a visa, and it is also grossly unfair to genuine asylum seekers who are fleeing the very lands that America has been bombing. If not stopped, the ban might extend to include the US born and naturalized citizens of Arab ethnicity and/or Muslim faith.
According to Jamal Abdi, the executive director of the Iranian American Community (IAC), who obtained an advanced copy of the Executive Order, the situation for Muslims in America does not look good.  Based on this document, IAC offered the following initial analysis to its members:
What does Trump’s ban on Iranians and Muslims mean for You?
— If you are an Iranian national outside of the U.S. with a valid U.S. visa, you will not be able to enter the United States. Iranian dual citizens (e.g. a dual national of France and Iran) may be barred from entering the United States.
— U.S. permanent residents (green card holders) who are outside of the United States may be barred from reentry.
— U.S. citizens will not be directly affected by the ban.
— It is not yet clear how the Trump Administration would implement this order so we caution that this is an early analysis. We will update you as we learn more.
The ban will initially last for 30 days but it is likely that for some countries it will be permanent.
The list of targeted countries will bar entry for aliens from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia.
The document says that, after the 30-day suspension of entry, the Department of State and Homeland Security will present a report of countries that do not provide enough information to the U.S. to ensure visa applicants from that country are not a threat. Those countries will be given 60 days to address those issues and comply with U.S. requirements. If they do not, a Presidential proclamation will be issued to ban all entrants from that country.
There is nothing to indicate that persons on valid visas inside the United States will be expelled. But if they leave the U.S., they would not be able to return so long as the ban is in place.
We have serious concerns this ban would also apply to dual nationals, i.e. a French citizen traveling to the U.S. from France who also holds Iranian citizenship. It is also possible that this ban will apply to green card holders who seek to re-enter the U.S. We are seeking clarification on how the Trump Administration will implement this order.
We have already heard of at least one case in which a dual German-Iranian citizen with a U.S. visa was prevented from boarding a flight to the U.S. We do not have confirmation if this is due to the new order.
If Americans do not rise up and challenge this assault on liberty and human rights, Donald Trump will require by law all Muslims to register in a database and to wear a GPS tracking bracelets at all times.
Perhaps Muslims would have to be tattooed like the Jews during WWII.
Trump may issue a new order to bug all Muslims places of work and their residences and to monitor all mosques and community centers, ending with a proclamation: “If they don’t like the idea, they can lump it! If they kick up a fuss, we can deport them—back to their countries of origin!”
Fair enough. If they can contemplate deporting Muslims who have lived in America all their lives, which is theoretically possible, that sets an evil precedence. Where will it end? Will the Africans, whose ancestors came to America as slaves,  be bundled onto boats one day and sent back to Africa? And what about the Jews? Will they be sent back to Eastern Europe and Poland if they misbehave? Anything is possible.  
Trump made an outrageous claim during the election against Muslims and Arabs when he lied about “thousands of New Jersey Arabs community celebrated the 9/11 attack.”
Even after he won the presidency, he lied about losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton because of immigrants fraudulently voting in the election. When asked for evidence for this allegation, and when presented with facts to the contrary, he refused to admit his mistake, retract his statement, or even apologize.
He still insists on building a security wall with Mexico despite the fact there is no evidence that ISIS fighters have entered America through the Mexican border.
As a retired veteran, I do know it is an indisputable fact that Muslims and Arab Americans have played a vital role in the safety and welfare of our nation. They have served in every conflict and war since the Revolutionary war. They are also serving currently in all branches of the US Armed Forces. Americans who are not outraged by this abuse of power against their fellow Muslims have little or no regard for the US Constitution, which specifically forbids the religious persecution Donald Trump is calling for.
If we assume for argument’s sake that 19 of the hijackers on 9/11—15 of whom were Saudis—were behind the terrorist attack on America, why isn’t Saudi Arabia on Donald Trump’s hit list? The day Trump orders an independent investigation into 9/11, starting with the “five dancing Israelis” and the mysterious collapse of Building 7 in a controlled demolition, will be the day I begin to develop a grudging respect for our new President.
Trump’s treatment of America’s Muslims is grossly unfair and discriminatory, analogous to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.
What next?—concentration camps for Muslim in America?




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