Brendon O’Connell: “Iran Good Bye; I’m Not a Trained Seal” — Jan 26, 2017

Iran doesn’t want to rock the boat. That includes not offending Israel or the local Jewish community.
Brendon O’Connell spent four years in jail in Australia for offending a Jew.  Here is why he went to Iran

From Brendon O’Connell — (abridged by

OConnellHello friends. I’m leaving Iran as soon as possible. I am waiting on word of $1000. My visa has expired. You may all be wondering what is going on? Well, that’s a very long story. But some of you are aware that I have not been happy with the way things have been handled for a long time. I would just prefer to leave here with a smile and work from Malaysia. You may be wondering why I am making such a public statement? Well, I may well need donations to – and my PayPal. Sorry, I hate asking for donations. Every man and his dog is asking for donations. I have enough for my air ticket but I need accommodation in Malaysia until I work out what to do.
I have met some wonderful people here. Iranians are so friendly they will make you cry. Please come here for a holiday, see the place for yourself. Its cheap – but there is a language barrier so make an Iranian friend today on “Couch Surfing” and anywhere you can find them who speaks English – other wise, take an organized tour.
I even met two people from the Iranian Intelligence community. They thanked me for defending the Palestinians. We talked through an interpreter for three hours. They confirmed I was sane and welcome. A lawyer was handling the political asylum application. You must be thinking, “What the hell is wrong with O’Connell? Why is he always at logger heads where ever he goes.?” Well, that’s because people always seem to have a bunch of ideas about where I should go, what I should say and how I should say it. I always respond with, “Do I look like a bitch who needs to be told how to do my thing?”

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