The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd’s “Party Monster”

By VC — Vigilant Citizen Jan 25, 2017


Party Monster features The Weeknd walking around a brothel while occult and religious symbols flash on screen. The video features the same imagery as his previous release, Starboy, which prominently featured a panther and an illuminated cross. In Party Monster, these symbols are used again, which indicates that these two videos are part of a larger overarching story. Not unlike The Weeknd’s previous album, which was promoted with a video trilogy that told an esoteric story (see my article The Meaning of The Weeknd’s video trilogy “The Hills” , “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Tell Your Friends), recurring images are used to give the story a deeper meaning, one that alludes to the spiritual realm.
In Starboy, The Weeknd destroys his own house and belongings using an illuminated cross and then drives away in a sports car. As I explained in my article about Starboy, the cross did not signify that The Weeknd became a devout Christian. Quite to the contrary, there’s a dark occult undertone to the video which is even more emphasized in Party Monster. In short, it is about selling one’s soul to dark forces in order to reap the rewards of material success. In Party Monster, The Weeknd enters deeper in the world of drugs and prostitution. Let’s look at the video.

Party Monster


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