CBC: An Exquisitely Canadian Form of Torture

henrymakow.com — Jan 19, 2018

cbc-newsI don’t want to give my future jailers any hints but the worst torture I can imagine is not waterboarding but being forced to listen to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
As Mick explains below, every second item caters to minorities, especially indigenous people. The majority — European origin doesn’t count — they are being dispossessed. Also, almost invariably, these stories are a depressing litany of hard times, sickness or sexual abuse. The focus is on failure; never on effective, happy successful people.
Furthermore, equality means that three out of four announcers/reporters are either women and/or minorities. This government network is run by and for feminists, homosexuals, socialists, and minorities. 
Our taxes are paying for our indoctrination and social engineering. Canada needs to get on the Trump train before it is too late.
Disclaimer – I believe in a system that is color and gender blind, where everyone should be treated equally and fairly on the basis of merit. I resent having an alien, globalist political agenda imposed on society without publicity or a debate.

CBC/Canada NWO News — by Mick (henrymakow.com) 

There are a couple of topics that absolutely dominate the CBC radio program and other Canadian news agencies on a daily basis:
Indians or First Nation – the residential schools, the shame that the White man has to carry for the rest of his life for the colonial past. “High time to recognize” their history and tradition, which is, by the way, usually written by the white Liberals here in Canada. Every day, one is forced to listen to the point of ad nauseam about their proud past and “culture” (like what, tomahawks, buffalos and waging wars against each other?), how they live in shameful conditions on the reserves where Canadian taxpayers have been squandering their money for decades, building them homes and cutting them pay cheques  for NO work done.
All in all, blame the white man for their drinking habits, blame the white man for the absolute lack of hygiene and dilapidating infrastructure in their communities, and blame the white man for the fact that the Indian population has the highest crime rate among any other ethnic group in Canada. They already have the Aboriginal Television Network. Now they have two.


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