Civilization Depends on Sexual Constraints – Anthropologist — Jan 19, 2017

That is Freud's pic. None available for J.D. Unwin, 1895-1936. Click to enlarge

That is Freud’s pic. None available for J.D. Unwin, 1895-1936. Click to enlarge

Joseph Daniel (J.D.) Unwin was an Oxford university social anthropologist  whose research on 80 primitive tribes and six civilizations  revealed that societies that practiced heterosexual monogamy were far more successful. 
Satanists know this. 
Below are several quotes that flesh out Unwin’s conclusions.
“If the British anthropologist J. D. Unwin is correct in his assessment of society, this present generation in the Western world may be the last one. In his book, Sex and Culture, (pdf) professor Unwin studied eighty ‘uncivilized’ cultures and compared his results with sixteen ‘civilized’ cultures extending over the last 4,000 years. He found that when strict heterosexual monogamy was practiced, the society attained its greatest cultural energy, especially in the arts, sciences and technology. But as people rebelled against the prohibitions placed upon them and demanded more sexual opportunities, there was a consequent loss of their creative energy, which resulted in the decline and eventual destruction of the civilization. Remarkably, he did not find any exception to this trend.”
–Janosik, Daniel. “The Fate of Culture in J. D. Unwin’s ‘Sex and Culture'” in Christian Apologetics Journal,
 Vol. 10:1 (Spring 2012)


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