9-11 Truthers Part of the Cover Up?

henrymakow.com — Jan 16, 2017

Why have most of the 9-11 Truthers ignored the obvious?
No mere “terrorists” would have access to secret technology that turned millions of tons of steel, glass and concrete into dust in mere seconds. 

by Thomas Potter — (henrymakow.com) 

911 truthers WhereDidTheirCredibilityGo

Dr. Steven Jones (top left); Dr. David Ray Griffin, Mr. Kevin Barrett, Mr. Richard Gage, Dr. James Fetzer. Click to enlarge

Here are ways to cover up Dr. Wood’s research:
1.) Create and promote unscientific alternate forms of destruction.
2.) Promote Dr. Wood’s research and then find fault with it.
3.) Make personal attacks against Dr. Wood’s character.
4.) Marginalize Dr. Wood’s research and call it “voodoo science”.
5.) Promote Dr. Wood’s research but misquote her and run it into the ditch.
6.) Ignore Dr. Wood’s research and evidence then call it a “theory”.
7.) Say that you have read Dr. Wood’s book and find fault with it when you did not read her book.
8.) Create other faux groups like the “Sandy Hook Hoaxers” to keep people from asking the right questions and looking at the evidence Dr. Wood presents. This also creates distrust in our government and people that ask questions. If our government was responsible for 9/11, our government is the only way to reverse the damage it has caused. This is why Dr. Wood filed her Federal Qui-Tam lawsuit. Too bad the Truthers didn’t support it. The phrase, “use it or or lose it” comes to mind. If the system is broken, then fix it. Otherwise, you are condoning the broken state that it’s in. (The “we are change” characters, the “loose change” characters, and Richard Gage & Co. going to the AIA office with ambush video interview attempts are good examples.)  Ambush journalism does not solve problems; it covers them up.
If the “thousands of engineers” that Mr. Gage brags about had stood behind Dr. Wood’s Federal Qui-Tam lawsuit, it would have been a lot harder for them to dismiss it… especially if they stood in and outside of the courtroom during the 8-minute “hearing” by the Court of Appeals.
After all, the written decision from that hearing did not refute Dr. Wood’s collection of evidence and her conclusions from that evidence. The court actually acknowledged the law applied to Dr. Wood’s case but admitted they were ignoring the law to dismiss the case!  Why were the Truthers satisfied with that outcome? Anarchy is not the answer and fixes nothing.



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