9-11 Terrorists Used Jaw Dropping Secret Technology

henrymakow.com — Jan 14, 2017

The controversy over who did 9-11 obscures a more important fact. 9-11 was the first demonstration of a mysterious free-energy technology that, used constructively, could change the destiny of mankind.
The buildings did not collapse or explode.
Thousands of tons of concrete and steel literally turned to dust.
This video is one of the most astounding things you will ever see.

By Cab McCann — (henrymakow.com)

9/11 is not what the Jewish media TV stations all told us, in a perfectly synchronized reporting effort, on that dreadful day.
Truth about 9/11 is also nothing at all like what the so-called “Truth Movement” under Alex Jones and Company told us either.   As Dr. Judy Wood says, “If you don’t like Lie No. 1, try Lie No. 2.   Dr. Wood says Alex Jones and Company are Gatekeepers for the Military Industrial Complex.
The above short video is the real truth gathered by Dr. Judy Wood by using FOIA request to obtain the mountains of evidence gathered by the State of NY at the 9/11 crime scene.   She analyzed, organized and presented all of it perfectly:  pictures, videos, transcripts and interviews–evidence, and more evidence of the crime scene.   Dr. Wood is a materials forensics Ph. D, a genius at her profession, a perfectionist in her work, an excellent teacher, and she gives us an analysis of the evidence that is impeccable to the last detail and presented perfectly.


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