Censored 2016: The Most Important Stories That You Never Heard About

By Michael Welch, Andy Lee Roth, and John Schertow — Global Research, January 08, 2017

It is impossible to fully measure the impact the failure of the press has had on society. How many thousands, or perhaps millions, of  lives would have been saved if the press had done its job instead of ignoring or covering up the problems.

-Dr. Carl Jensen, co-founder of Project Censored (1929-2015) [1]

This week’s Global Research News Hour rings in the new year with a retrospective look at the past year’s news stories, in particular, those important stories that did not garner the kind of media attention they deserved.

Our first guest, Andy Lee Roth, is the Associate Director of Project Censored, a media research program which fosters student development of media literacy and critical thinking skills as applied to news media censorship in the United States. Every year, PC releases its picks of the most censored news stories of the previous year. Roth provides an overview of the Top 25 most censored stories of 2016 in our first half hour.

We next hear from John Schertow, founder and lead editor of Intercontinental Cry, an on-line media source of news of world-wide Indigenous struggle and resistance. Schertow shares his picks for the most under-reported stories involving Indigenous peoples. This 100% reader-supported endeavour can be supported through donations at this site:


We finish the broadcast with a review of under-reported Canadian stories, brought to us by Patricia Elliott, Assistant Professor at the University of Regina’s School of Journalism, and faculty evaluator for Project Censored.


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