Alien Invasion- Is the Ultimate False Flag Next? — Jan 8, 2017

Joachim Hagopian believes that, thwarted by populism, the globalists ” will try selling us on the ‘need’ for protection that can only be delivered by a one-world government, fighting off humanity’s worst “common enemies” – the ravages of climate change [hoax] and hostile alien takeover [hoax].”
Below is the conclusion to a most thorough account of the mystery associated with  Nazi UFO military bases in the Antarctic and Admiral Byrd’s expedition where he apparently encountered space aliens. I reserve judgment on this and the prospect of an alien invasion hoax. However, Hagopian’s concluding picture of where we stand today rips away the veils.
Joachim Hagopian  is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer.  After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at

by Joachim Hagopian — (Unveiling Antarctic Mysteries)

(Excerpt by

Let’s take a snapshot of the last 100 years to concretely illustrate how we arrived at the precipice at this moment.
The globalist agenda has been to gain absolute control over humanity using its debtor-slave central banking system, savagely raping and looting nations and populations, by calculated diabolical design, orchestrating history’s two deadliest world wars with a third on the way, manipulating every economic depression and recession in a thoroughly rigged, crumbling financial system, and increasingly abusing and violating us with unprecedented invasive electronic surveillance in order to usher in its sinister NWO Malthusian con job of a one world government tyranny and control.
Misusing Tesla’s free energy technology for destructive military ends only, rather than liberate humanity, the ruling elite has instead chosen to further enslave us through oil war addiction for greedy profit and hegemonic, centralized control.
Rather than eradicating disease, the elite engages in suppression of cancer cures feeding a corrupt, Rockefeller-controlled Big Pharma-healthcare monopoly, poisoning us through mandatory killer vaccines, fluoride in our water, heavy metal aerosols in our air, soil, water, lungs and brains, while maintaining a nonstop policy of war exclusively to benefit the military industrial security prison complex profiteers who loathe us and want us dead or dying, all the while deploying a 24/7 mind control propaganda machine, feeding an insatiable greed that guarantees maximum absolute power, authority and control over the global masses.
Currently, an international crime cabal rules over every national government using the ultra-effective “divide and conquer” strategy for status quo, low maintenance, keeping us ignorantly weak by fighting, blaming, fearing and hating each other, perpetrating state-sponsored “endless war of terrorism” inflicting fear and death for population control, fanning the flames of a West vs. East cold war machine igniting WWIII, and committing organized crime on an epic scale that controls virtually all international drug trafficking, global child sex trafficking and global money laundering.
This is the abysmally sad and pathetic world we’re currently living in – the Orwellian nightmare of total deception in the name of global genocide.



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