A «Humanitarian NGO» deprives 5.6 million civilians of water

Introduction — Jan 7, 2017

Labour MP Jo Cox, who was allegedly murdered by Thomas Mair. Click to enlarge

Labour MP Jo Cox, who was allegedly murdered by Thomas Mair. Click to enlarge

It’s a measure of her integrity that British MP and activist Jo Cox called for the Syrian White Helmets to be awarded the Nobel Prize. This was before she was supposedly murdered by a right-wing fanatic.
In the wake of her death the White Helmets responded by bestowing Jo Cox with their highest award:
“Jo Cox was a true friend to the White Helmets and someone who constantly advocated for the Syrian people,” Farouq al-Habib, spokesperson for the White Helmets, told MEE.
Now it transpires that these same vaunted White Helmets are actively working to prevent clean water from reaching millions of civilians in Damascus. In international law that constitutes a war crime.
We can’t help wonder what that says about Jo Cox and the many unanswered questions regarding her supposed murder, including the fact that her body was nowhere to be seen at the scene of her supposed “murder”. Ed

A «Humanitarian NGO» deprives 5.6 million civilians of water

Voltaire Network — Jan 7, 2017

The Jihadists, who since 24 December 2016 have been polluting the sources of Barada — the river which provides the water supply for the inhabitants (now totalling more than 7 million) of Damascus and the region, – and that have exploded its canalization, have published a declaration laying down their conditions.

Currently, 5.6 million civilians have been completely cut off from running water for more than two weeks. The authorities have managed to harness lorries with tanks to supply the population, once or twice a fortnight, with non-potable water, at the rate of 50 litres per family. In addition to the containers that they could fill for washing themselves and their washing up, the inhabitants have to buy mineral water to consume drinking water.

Under the « Declaration of Barada », the jihadists will not allow engineers to clean and restore the sources of Barada unless the Arab Syrian Army and the Hezbollah stop fighting (that is, if the Arab Syrian Republic surrenders).

In a letter addressed to the Security Council, Syria has denounced the planning of this operation by the powers that support and arm the jihadists. The Document features seven jihadist signatory groups and one of these is the « White Helmets », called « the Syrian Civil Defense ». This « humanitarian NGO » (sic) has been created and is led by an MI6 officer, James Le Mesurier, who had been elevated by Queen Elizabeth, in 2016, to the position of Officer of the British Empire. This organization floods the media with shocking images meant to prove “the crimes of the regime”. It has often been demonstrated that the images are no more than the acting out of pure propaganda.

Testimony has been delivered on the participation of this « Humanitarian NGO ». The Russian Minister of Defense has described it as« close to Al-Qaeda ».

The White Helmets are funded by Germany, Denmark, the United States, France, Japan, Holland and the United Kingdom.

On 19 October, the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Ayrault, and the President of Foreign Affairs of the National Assembly, Elisabeth Guigou received at the Elysee, a delegation of White Helmets including the Chair of the “Civil” committee of Aleppo (sic) the self-proclaimed «Mayor of Aleppo» (re-sic), Hagi Hasan Brita.

France had presented to no avail, the candidature of the White Helmets for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In international law, depriving civilians of water is considered a war crime.

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Anoosha Boralessa