“CIA Patsy” James Wesley Howell Trial Date is Feb 1

henrymakow.com — Dec 29, 2016

james-wesley-howellJames Wesley Howell has pleaded not guilty to the charge he was planning to attack a gay pride parade. When he was arrested June 12, a story circulated that he was a CIA patsy  who backed out and sought local police protection. If true, it would give the lie to a long list of false flag terror.
Below, Stephanie Sledge explains why she thinks this and the story “an attorney” Brenda Corpian was beaten up after seeing Howell, is bogus.
Given the complete media blackout after June 12, I’m not so sure. The story is plausible and the original source may have been intimidated.
Howell is sitting in jail in Los Angeles. Won’t someone go visit him?

Update on James Wesley HowellBy Stephanie Sledge

Howell is still being held at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility.  He appeared in court Wednesday at 8:30am, Airport Courthouse W31, for another “PRELIM SETTING/RESETTING” hearing.
His original violation date was June 12th, 2016. Howell pled “not guilty” to all counts. It appears three days after his arrest in California, a “Warrant or Writ of Attachment for the Body of a Person Issued” was filed in Indiana which is a warrant to return a person to appear before a court. This means after Howell answers to his current charges in California, he will be returned to Indiana to be delivered before the court.
The Fake News Networks, including the ‘fake-news’ newspapers and reporters took the story of James Wesley Howell to a whole new level. When the fake news media outlets want to blow up a story and inflict fear, they use individuals like James Wesley Howell to do it.
He was a perfect match to indoctrinate the nation; a person is no longer innocent until proven guilty. Mixed with the social media platforms, a story can grow into a giant fear inflicting story which always includes a weapon, a so-called dangerous individual, and in this case, a man heading to the gay pride parade following an alleged mass shooting.


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