Christmas Surprise

Israel Shamir — The Unz Review Dec 28, 2016

I promised you Christmas wouldn’t be dull! In a surprising move, for the first time in 40 years, the US voted in the UN Security Council against official Tel Aviv’s wishes. The miracle friends of Palestine and progressive Israelis prayed for – occurred, after all. This is one of the first benefits of Donald Trump’s victory – the long stretch of American subservience to Jews has been broken. Yes, it was done by Obama administration – but this wouldn’t have happened if Ms Clinton were the President-Elect.
For 40 years the US vetoed every UNSC resolution potentially limiting Israel’s unalienable right to treat its goyim the way it desires, inter alia, stealing their land and settling Jews in the stolen property. (This was in line with Jewish traditional vision that gentiles have no rights in general, like a cat has no right to its cushion or a horse to its stable; they keep it only as long as it suits the man.) The world community gnashed their teeth, Israeli mirth bordered with glee, but the US remained steadfast on its defence of Israel.
In 2011 this very President Obama vetoed a resolution practically identical to the one he permitted to pass now. Since then Obama gave Israel $38 billion of military help. What changed now? Why this time Obama decided his Israeli nemesis deserves some harsh treatment?
The New York Times explained this by freedom of his approaching retirement. Like the kids the last day of school before summer vacation feel free to prank and settle accounts, the exiting politicians tend to unload their chests, often about Jews they were forced to bear with, tolerate or venerate.
The Malaysian leader Mohammad Mahathir waited until his last day in office in 2003 to say the Jews have now gained control of the most powerful countries and rule the world by proxy. Jimmy Carter and George Bush Senior did not wait: they acted to limit insatiable Israeli appetites in the first term at office, and failed to get re-elected. Obama ran two full terms and now he is free to frolic for a while.
This may explain the timing, but not the feeling. Nothing annoys a powerful man more than the need to kowtow to an obscure power. Not to a king but to somebody who has no army. The church had annoyed many rulers; the Jews are a greater nuisance. Never so much trouble from so few, said a friend. Many people hope for their fall. Even very cautious politicians and statesmen would rejoice if these arrogant people were cut down to size.
For a US president, the frustration should be hard to bear. He, ostensibly the most powerful man on earth, has been humiliated many times by Israelis. When he visited Israel, the chief rabbi Obadiah Youssef said he should kiss feet of Jews who permitted him to come hither. His proposals for a rather fair settlement of Palestinian problem were rudely rejected and his own Congress received Netanyahu with such panache as he was rarely if ever granted.
What is the mundane source of Israel’s power? Now, as in 1917, it is American Jews’ ability to influence American public opinion via their media machine. This is what the Jews said to Lord Balfour in 1917, asking him to promise Palestine to Jews and in return they would pull the US into WWI. In no other country the Jews are that powerful as in the US, and wherever they are powerful – they are powerful because of America’s support and insistence. This should be another source of frustration for an American president.
And now the Jews failed Obama and Hillary Clinton whom he supported. They failed to deliver American public opinion. They tried, they activated all their media, they paraded their Masters of Discourse, and still they failed. Trump deftly used the crack between liberal Jews and Zionists and avoided being called The Enemy of Jews, as the powerful ADL insisted. After the election, President-elect Trump had set the cat among the pigeons by nominating Mr Friedman as the US ambassador in the Israel. He turned the crack between liberal Jews and hard Zionist Jews into a war.
“Hell just froze over, reported Mondoweiss, a progressive Jewish site: The New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist”. Liberal Zionist Jews of America have been called to choose: are they with racism and Zionism, or with liberal values.
The European Far Right used this trick of appealing to Zionists against liberal Jews for years. Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer promoted it, too. European Far Right parties that refused to play with Zionists and Liberal Jews found themselves in the cold with zero media coverage.
Now a similar scheme had been used by the Brits – they gave Jews the thing they wanted, namely Theresa May announced that she decided to accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and to integrate it into British law, and in the same time they facilitated the US abstention by making the text palatable for Obama.
The Russians did it, too: they took over the TV channels from the Jewish oligarchs, removed them from power, but cozied up to Chabad fundamentalists and to Netanyahu.
The world will set itself free of Jewish hegemony, but this complicated transition calls for using one bunch of Jews against another one. Or so the politicians feel. However, the moment of freedom is approaching. As the US hegemony declines, the Jewish one follows it into decline. Trump won though the Jewish media, Masters of Discourse were against him. This lesson will be learned by politicians, and implemented.
Israeli behaviour contributed a lot to the change. The white people like fair play: they gave full rights to Jews and blacks though it was not to their advantage. But the Jews do not care for the fairness, just for the bottom line. Their mistreatment of Palestinians exceeded every limit of tolerance. They could relinquish Palestine altogether and live well on 78% of its territory they got by means fair and foul. They could have the Two States’ Solution, where Palestinian state has no control over its borders, skies, water or military, but still has a flag and a national anthem.
Or, if they want the whole land of Palestine, they should treat Palestinians fairly, give them rights in one state, instead of slowly planting more Jewish colonies on the stolen Palestinian land while claiming to pursue Two States track. But the Jews preferred to have their cake and eat it. Such a trick may work for a while, but not forever, and thus Zionists learned the limits of their power.
The drama of the UNSC vote deserves to be sung. Egypt tabled the draft, and it came under the pressure of Israel. General Sisi is rather weak ruler; he came to power through a military coup; he is not very popular and is susceptible to pressure. Netanyahu asked Trump to give Sisi a talk; so he did. Trump is worried his adversaries will play some nasty trick on him before inauguration, and he needs some protection. Sisi agreed to postpone the vote indefinitely. Now Obama had been properly annoyed by Trump’s interference and by Netanyahu’s going over his head. One President at a time, he said famously.
Four states picked up the motion dropped by Egypt. New Zealand had been threatened by Netanyahu who promised “war”, recall of his ambassador and removing the embassy. But New Zealand did not budge an inch. They already sorted the matter out with England, and Netanyahu’s threats were just so much of hot air for them. A few years ago, they already had sent the Israeli ambassador packing home after it transpired Israeli Mossad assassins were equipped with phony NZ passports.
The motion has been tabled again. Netanyahu called Putin in despair. Putin was very friendly and promised to do what he can. The Russian man in the UN, Vitally Churkin, indeed tried to postpone the vote until after Christmas, or after Trump’s inauguration, but nobody else agreed with him. So he voted for the motion.
He could not do else: as a member of the Quartet, Russia is a strong and generous supporter of Palestine, and she is an historic protector of Palestinians. Until recently Russia did not recognise Israeli conquests of 1948, and that includes West Jerusalem. In the Russian maps, the borders of Israel are the 1947 Partition plan demarcation lines, 7000 square km less then 1949 Green line. Israelis underestimated Russian moral and religious fibre.
A day earlier, Israel’s representative stayed away from the vote on Syria in the UN General Assembly, in order to please Putin. So Netanyahu expected quid pro quo, but Putin preferred not to endanger the Russian well-deserved and hard-earned reputation as the protector of Palestine and Syria. The Russian president is a rational man. He wants to be friends with Israel for many reasons, but not for any price: he is not Sisi, nor sissy. Besides, Netanyahu did not hesitate to bomb Damascus airport and Syrian army units, Russia’s allies. Putin did not fight back, but he remembered that.
Now Netanyahu is in hysterics; he threatens the world with diplomatic war and attacks the PNA. In a frenzy, he called Ambassadors of UNSC member states to come to his Foreign Office on Christmas Day, as in the case of war. He still did not get that he had lost. Israel and its policy towards Palestinians are greatly disliked by entire world for they are arrogant and unfair.
Netanyahu hopes Trump will change everything back into his favour. I doubt it. Now Trump feels he needs Jewish support, but after inauguration? He’ll see its cost may be too high. Trump will probably play it like Putin: being friendly but minding his own business.
And truly angered Obama has one more shot, on January 15, 2017, when the French program may internationalise the peace talks. This is a big danger for Netanyahu and his far right.
It appears the Jews greatly overestimated their real punching weight. They fell to believe in the Protocols as in their charter of power, while it was just a story. And such stories have a shelf life and validity date.
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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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