Freedom? US Banishes Truth; Legalizes Lies — Dec 27, 2016

Movie Recalls Leaks of 2004 Campaign


“Truth” is a movie about the 2004 Presidential election when documents which cast doubt on G.W. Bush’s war record were leaked. This controversy could have been as important as the Wikileaks’ Pizzagate and Clinton Foundation revelations that helped to swing the recent election. However, CBS backed down, retracted the story and forced Dan Rather to resign.
Disgraceful as that was, journalists had some gumption in 2004. Things have gotten a lot worse in the past 12 years.
“All news is lies, and all propaganda is disguised as news.” – Willi Münzenberg, father of Communist propaganda

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Satanic cult that rules the world is enacting new laws that invert truth and falsehood in true Cabalistic (Communist) fashion.
The truth is being banned, labelled “Russian propaganda” and ‘fake news.’ Meanwhile the government has given itself permission to lie to its own citizens. They are also banning anything that smacks of “anti Semitism”, including criticism of Israel.
We have a de facto Communist government, one that serves the totalitarian world government agenda of the Masonic Jewish world central banking cartel. They have been forced to act because the depraved satanic practices (pedophilia, human sacrifice) used to blackmail and control their agents (Clinton, Obama) are becoming public knowledge thanks to the Internet.
Thanks to the Internet, Donald Trump, a Junior member of the Illuminati, was able to steal the Presidency from the intended occupant.


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