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James Bogardus — Russia Today Dec 21, 2016


Could the Berlin Christmas market disaster finally be the long-awaited last nail in her coffin?  The world would certainly be a better place if this were.

Trump has been very vocal about what a disaster she has been, accusing her of ‘ruining’ Germany already a year ago.

The fact of the matter is that the mainstream media is completely silent about the implosion of her support in Germany, basically pretending it isn’t happening.  That goes double for the German media, which, as we never tire of pointing out, is worse in its bias and outright lying than even the US and UK medias.

And that makes for a very weird situation, where Germany watchers are basically flying blind.

And videos like this one, where Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson’s brutal mauling of Merkel and what is going on in Germany get half a million views in a week – plus it got translated into German and spread all over the German internet.  We bet a lot of those views were coming from Germany, where a lot of people speak pretty good English.

The video, appropriately titled:  ‘The Cultural Enrichment of Germany”  is well-worth watching – and there really is not much else that needs to be said.  We highly recommend it, giving it the RI double thumbs up seal of approval.  And it was made a week before this week’s Berlin attack in which 12 people died.

Merkel has blood on her hands.  A lot of it.  So good luck with those October elections Angela.  We’re betting you might even quite before then if events continue this way.