Could Electoral College Overturn Election? — Dec 18, 2016

I doubt Electors will break ranks. But Dick Eastman thinks we could be in for a coup d’etat, constitutional crisis and civil disturbances.
Latest – Fears Appear Unfounded; GOP Electors Solid

by Dick Eastman — (abridged by

electoral-college-cartoonAs the electoral college officially determines the next president of the United States, there is record cold weather throughout the United States. Also circulating these contrived falsehoods:
1) that stories heard against Hillary Clinton prior to the election were Fake News,
2) that an “enemy” country’s “dictator” deprived the US of its rightful leader by hacking and releasing the private emails of the national committee of the candidate targeted for undeserved defeat,
3) that 1 & 2 were decisive in changing the outcome of the election.
4) that the targeted candidate nonetheless received 2 million more votes than the candidate backed by the hacking foreign enemy, and finally,
5) that the electoral college electors are free agents by the wording of the Constitution and need not be bound by the decisions of voters, especially when an enemy-foreign-power-rigged election means that the popular vote has been tainted by systematic interference by an hostile foreign power.


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