Pizzagate: Satanic Sex and Pedophilia in High Places

By  Lasha Darkmoon — Darkmoon Dec 10, 2016

Is Pizzagate a hoax or is it for real?


I have prefaced the 42-minute video featured below with our usual disclaimer. This doesn’t mean I necessarily disbelieve in the shocking events that form the basis of this bizarre sex exposé which has gone viral all over the internet recently. It’s just that I wish to remain totally neutral and let other people make up their minds. A certain amount of skepticism, I believe, is in order.
On the one hand, everything related in this video about ritual child abuse involving the Clintons, Obama, George Soros, the Podesta brothers, and other elite politicians and celebrities could be true. On the other hand, all this could be a carefully orchestrated hoax in which the “Usual Suspects” could be involved.
Yesterday I knew zero about this matter. Today I know zero plus 1. In other words, almost nothing. So I can be swayed either way. My trusted correspondent ‘H’, an erudite German lady residing in Florida, sent me the video below with the subject heading “SICK! SICK! SICK!” This perked up my interest.
I am assuming you are as ignorant as I am about the background to this bizarre affair, so this is what I’ve been able to discover after some superficial research. The name of the pizzeria restaurant concerned, which now doubles as a concert venue, is Comet Ping Pong, often abbreviated as Comet. (Interior of restaurant pictured here). It is owned by a man named James Alefantis who founded the fashionable eating house in 2006 on Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, Washington, DC.
Alefantis, in an attempt to attract customers, placed a ping pong table out on the sidewalk. (Picture). This was against the law and so he had to take the ping pong table back inside. He compensated for his by adding live entertainment. Soon the business was flourishing and James Alefantis was nominated by GQ magazine as the 49th most powerful person in Washington DC.
To cut a long story short, here is a gourmet restaurant with live entertainment  and lots of ping pong tabes scattered around. Quite an original idea, I guess. If you’re a guy who’s putting on weight, you can work off your calories by jumping up from your table and challenging the well-nourished young lady at the adjoining table to a ping pong match. If she agrees, you’ve got it made. (For a quick look at the pizzeria with its ping pong tables, click here).
And now we come to the interesting bit, this sentence from the Wikipedia article:
In November 2016, Comet Ping Pong became the target of a conspiracy theory, commonly called “pizzagate,” that alleges that the restaurant is part of a Democratic child trafficking ring.
No other juicy details are given by Wikipedia. The online encyclopaedia is playing its cards close to its chest, obviously trying to give the impression that this whole pizzagate affair is a load of rubbish. That it has no basis in reality. It has managed to do this by dismissing it in a single crisp sentence as a “conspiracy theory”.
—  §  —
I hate watching long videos. The fact that this particular video went on for 42 minutes acted as an initial deterrent. I had second thoughts about watching it, given that life is short and one can’t afford to waste it on long YouTube videos peddling possible conspiracy theories. However, I decided to sacrifice 42 minutes of my time to this video, absorbing all its outré information, and this is what I learned to my horror and dismay.
Comet Ping Pong is not far from the White House and is frequented by important people like Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, John Podesta and other luminaries. The pizzeria is reportedly no more than a front for a sinister pedophile and Satanic sex ritual organization. They serve pizza upstairs to the unsuspecting public, but a lot of things apparently go on in the basement that nobody hears about. The screams of children in extremis are muffled by the sound-proof walls in the underground killing rooms.


“A lot of things go on in the basement that nobody hears about.”
Upstairs, as I say, this pizza house is just an ordinary eating joint where your respectable model citizen can pop in and buy a pizza, pasta of various types, cheese sauces galore, interesting hot dogs, and ice cream  topped with walnuts or whatever. Chicken lovers welcome too! However, you have to be careful when ordering in a joint like this because you could get much more than you bargained for. It seems a “chicken lover”, in the coded language of these Satanist guys, means “an adult male homosexual with a taste for little boys.”
Here are a few of these code words apparently used on Deep Web:
Cheese  =  Child
Pizza  =  Little girl
Pasta  =  Little boy
Hotdog  =  Boy
Chicken  =  Young boy
Chicken lover  =  Adult homosexual with a taste for little boys
Ice cream  =  Male prostitute
Sauce  =  Orgy
Walnut  = Person of color
Map  =  Semen
Pillows  =  Drugs
Handkerchief  =  BDSM code; different colors have different meanings but black indicates sadomasochism.

Dominos — BDSM domination
How is all this relevant? Well, it appears that Wikileaks has released a lot of emails by people like the Clintons, George Soros, the Podestas, and others in high places, emails in which there are constant and obsessive references to pizza, pasta, ice cream, chicken lovers, hot dogs, walnuts, sauce and maps. Weird, no? You’d think these important guys had other things on their minds than pizza, wouldn’t you? Apparently not. ‘Pizza’ fills their days and ‘pasta’ and ‘sauce’ their nights.
Here, for example, is a Wikileaks email from Susan Sandler to John Podesta that will get you wondering what’s going on:
SUBJECT: Re, Did you leave a handkerchief?
Hi John:  The realtor found a handkerchief. I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you’re  busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it. Susaner
John Podesta gets on his keyboard to reply that he’s not too fussed about his handkerchief. “It’s mine,” he admits, “but it’s not worth worrying about.”
I guess quite a few of us, including me, have left our handkerchiefs lying around in various places or dropped our kleenex tissues on the floor without realizing what litter louts we are — but how many of us then start dashing off emails to each other about the subject?
Hey Tom, I may have dropped a kleenex tissue in your apartment last night. If you happen to see it, no need to return. Just bin it, ok? Sorry for the inconvenience, Sarah.
— Sarah: Okeydoke, will do. How about some sauce tonight? Tom
— Nah, I need to buy some pillows badly, see ya tomorrow. Which reminds me, don’t forget to check out the icecream situation! Sarah
Seems a bit weird, to say the least! (Check this out here)
Apparently there are secret passages leading into the pizza parlor, with side entrances and back entrances reserved only for the elite. There are underground rooms with mysterious freezers. What’s in them? I dare not speculate. This could be Texas Chainsaw Massacre country. We hear of “torture chambers” and “kill rooms” and “child-size coffins”. The guy narrating the video sounds like he’s gone batmoon crazy, spitting feathers and almost levitating with rage as he rants on and on about “the ugly world we live in.”
He introduces his video with a prayer to Jesus to protect himself and his family from satanic infiltration, for apparently even discussing this macabre subject in a video could lead to demonic possession unless you’re careful to get divine protection first. Even the viewer of the video is warned to join in the preliminary prayer — or else he could end up in a padded cell being exorcised by Jesuit priests I’m not kidding.
The video shows a rather odd poster on the pizza house wall; not what you’d expect in your average pizza house. This depicts a male adult lying on top of a child in a copulatory position. The missionary position, in fact. Under the child’s bottom a spread handkerchief has been placed, presumably for the reception of the man’s semen. Semen features quite a lot in these Satanic circles. Remember that the code word for semen is “map”.
Not only do these elite Washingtonians apparently keep popping into this pizzeria for regular pizza binges, mostly in the basement, but it seems that both Soros and the Clinton Foundation have made generous “donations” to the pizza house to keep it going and never let it run out of dough — no pun intended.
This is what Hillary Clinton and George Soros reportedly do on a regular basis: finance their favorite pizza house with extraordinarily generous donations. Why? Because they’re crazy pizza fans? Who knows?
Astonishingly, we learn from the video that this “haven for rape and murder” — i.e., the Washington pizza restaurant — features cannibalism. Not content with raping and killing little kids, these evil pervs then eat them!
By the time I’d reached this point in the video, I’d been thoroughly anaesthetized. I’d begun to suffer from catatonic skepticism. “Who are you kidding, mister?” I asked the guy on my computer screen. He was too busy having an epileptic fit to reply. His 42-minute rant left me numb and pole-axed.
Could all this be an elaborate hoax?
It could well be. And what would be the purpose of such a hoax? I can think of many reasons, among which the following four would feature high on my list:
(1) A social engineering experiment by the CIA, the FBI, or other government agencies to test the gullibility of the general public and see how easy it might be to brainwash a population of dumbed-down citizens.
(2) Holding up Christianity to ridicule and contempt—an infamous Talmudic project of long standing—given that Christians are heavily involved in the movement fighting Satanism and ritual child sex abuse. So if and when this turns out to be a hoax, the joke will end up by making Christians in general look a laughingstock. 
(3) A government disinfo campaign to discredit Wikileaks, given that Wikileaks appears to be the main source and authority for these quoted emails.
(4) An excuse to clamp down on the internet and censor free speech, making it impossible to discuss anything freely without surveillance. For example, criminalizing any criticism of Israel or asking any awkward questions about the Holocaust. (See Truth is the new Hate Speech: Lost of 200 Forbidden Websites that tell the Truth). 
Many analysts believe that Pizzagate is real. Here is ‘Hamish’ on the Henry Makow site:
The Illuminati are in panic mode. More people are recognizing the horrible truth. The world is owned and controlled by devil worshippers who show their devotion by engaging in depraved satanic rituals including murder and pedophilia. The Illuminati and their media are covering this up and saying Pizzagate is ‘fake news’. 
Where do I stand on this? I don’t stand anywhere; I sit on the fence. I am a Pizzagate agnostic, neither believing nor disbelieving. I am tempted to say with Tertullian, Credo quia absurdum — ‘I believe because it is absurd’ — but I won’t.
I don’t want to sound too dismissive and skeptical. There could be something going on here. If you need to know more, read this. There’s a lot of decadence in high places. Some people even throw parties in which satanism and cannibalism are regarded as good clean fun.
Unanswered questions: Where are the child victims of this satanic sex abuse scandal? How come not a single child has come forward to complain about molestation in connection with pizzas? Where are the dead bodies?
Answer: there are no child corpses lying around for the simple reason that the children have been eaten! 
Or have they?
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