Double-Speak, Double-Think

Introduction — Dec 8, 2016

MI6 headquarters, London. Click to enlarge

MI6 headquarters, London. Click to enlarge

Illusion and deceit are an integral part of espionage and as illustrated by his first speech inside the organisation, the head of MI6 proved himself a master at handling both.
MI6 chief Alex Younger told an invited audience at the organisation’s London headquarters that the threat posed by Islamic State was now “unprecedented”. However, you have to ask yourself why this is so when:
1) Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Syria have just turned the tide of war against the militants.
2) Britain and its allies in the US, Israel, Turkey and the gulf states had all assisted the militants in an effort to oust President Assad. Of course this was done covertly because many of those assisted were actively engaged in terrorism. Nonetheless, Western intelligence helped arm the militants to use as proxies to oust President Assad.
Russia’s intervention in Sept 2015 put a stop to that.
So why is MI6 chief Alex Younger now warning that the very proxies he and his associates helped arm and equip now pose a threat to the West itself? Are they to be used in false flag attacks against the West? Or will they simply be blamed for false flag attacks that Alex Younger and his counterparts in Mossad, the CIA etc are planning?
Either way one can only marvel at the man’s arrogance. Does Alex Younger think the public believe the corporate media’s narrative on terror? Does he really think that we are all so stupid and unquestioning? That we all buy into a description of events that has probably been scripted by MI6?
If so I would suggest that Alex Younger might be in line for a rude wake up call.
Only a man possessed of monumental arrogance would expect us to believe that we face terror born out of the “chaos caused by Putin in Syria”.
Yet that’s exactly what Alex Younger is saying! Even though Putin has just hammered the West’s proxies in Syria, the MI6 chief is blaming Russia for a crisis that he and his associates in Western intelligence helped create.
Of course no one in the Western corporate media will ask Younger why ISIS didn’t fall back but continued advancing after Western intervention in Iraq? Or why it took Russian intervention nearly a year later to turn the tide of war around in Syria?
No one in the corporate media will ask and Alex Younger won’t address these questions because the West’s “War on Terror” is a fraud. It’s a counterfeit conflict that actually uses terror while Western politicians, talking heads and intelligence personnel like Alex Younger provide a running commentary to convince us of its authenticity. Ed.

‘Highly organised’ ISIS cells are using chaos caused by Putin in Syria to plot deadly attacks on the UK, spy chief ‘C’ warns in first EVER speech inside MI6 HQ

James Slack — Daily Mail Dec 8, 2016

Alex Younger. Click to enlarge

Alex Younger. Click to enlarge

The head of MI6 today warned that ‘highly organised’ Islamic State cells are exploiting the chaos caused by Vladimir Putin in Syria to plot deadly attacks against the UK.

In an extremely rare public speech, Alex Younger said the threat facing Britain was ‘unprecedented’ with 12 major plots foiled in the past three years.

Mr Younger said: ‘As I speak, the highly organised external attack planning structures within Daesh (IS), even as they face military threat, are plotting ways to project violence against the UK and our allies without ever having to leave Syria.’

The man known as ‘C’ delivered his bleak assessment in the first ever speech delivered from inside the MI6 HQ by a serving chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, during which he accused Putin of trying to turn Syria into a ‘desert’.

He told an invited audience: ‘The scale of the terrorist threat is unprecedented.

‘The UK intelligence and security services have disrupted 12 terrorist plots in the UK since June 2013. And MI5 and the police continue to run hundreds of investigations into those intent on carrying out or supporting terrorist atrocities against our citizens.

‘As I speak, the highly organised external attack planning structures within Daesh (IS), even as they face military threat, are plotting ways to project violence against the UK and our allies without ever having to leave Syria.’

IS fanatics are feared to be directing attacks in the UK, in the way Al Qaeda did in the past.

They are also pumping out the propaganda which inspires people based in the UK to plot attacks in the IS name.

So-called ‘lone-wolf’ attackers in Britain are also being urged to strike in Britain using social media and the internet.

Mr Younger was blistering in his condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s actions in Russia – which he suggested were making a terrorist attack in the UK more likely.

Security officials believe Russia’s bombing attacks are fuelling extremism and turning the country into a failed state from which terrorist attacks could be plotted.

He said: ‘I believe the Russian conduct in Syria, allied with that of Asad’s discredited regime, will, if they do not change course, provide a tragic example of the perils of forfeiting legitimacy.

‘In defining as a terrorist anyone who opposes a brutal government, they alienate precisely that group that has to be on side if the extremists are to be defeated.

‘Meanwhile, in Aleppo, Russia and the Syrian regime seek to make a desert and call it a place. The human tragedy is heart-breaking.’

Yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May said mass migration had become a more ‘pronounced’ global security threat in the past year.

Unveiling the latest national security strategy, she said: ‘British leadership is at the forefront of the world’s response to the greatest challenges of our time.

‘Now, as we leave the European Union, we will be more prominent than ever – an outward-facing, global partner at the heart of international efforts to secure peace and prosperity for all our people.

The PM said the ‘phenomenon of mass migration has become more pronounced in the last 12 months’ with the world appearing ‘more uncertain and challenging than it has for many years.’

She added: ‘It is Britain that is in the vanguard of the fight against global terrorism.’

The report warns that the ‘threat from terrorism is more acute and more complex than ever before.’

It also makes pointed reference to US President elect Donald Trump as Mrs May looks to build alliances with him.

The document says the ‘UK and US will remain strong and close partners on trade, security and defence under President-elect Trump, with our enduring and special relationship based on the values of freedom, democracy and enterprise.’


Footnote — Dec 9, 2016

While Alex Younger’s comments seem to defy reason not everyone is buying his argument.
A reader referred me to the comments in response to the Mail article above and they are nothing if not encouraging. We’ve reprinted a random selection below and they reveal a near unanimous cynicism in response to Alex Younger’s warning. One writer even calls for him to be charged with treason!
So all is not lost. A growing number of people are waking up to the deception being foisted on us by the Western media and politicians. Ed.
We must believe him. — Gianfranco555
but who is funding ISIS and supporting it? who had years to finish it and did not? Who let grow to its current size? — HMantour
More propaganda nonsense from the establishment and Hilary Clinton gets excited about ‘fake news’? — BarrieD
Most of the problems in the Middle East can be traced back to Bush(plural) and Blair. Compounded in more recent times by Obama and Cameron. — Richard
More B S from the man who sent people to Syria to beg al-qaeda to tone down the rhetoric so we could call them moderate. He and his political masters should be charged with T R E A S O N. — Suusi M-B
Um. maybe MI6 Boss should have examined his own departments involvement in middle eastern politics for the past 60 years for a bit of background . Another warmonger, another drone tasked with ramping up the fear — Toilet Spider
Putin warned the West loud and clear not to get involved in Syria because he could see the bunch of homicidal maniacs now called ISIS waiting in the wings. If Cameron had listened thousands of Syrians would not have been killed and the ‘refugee’ crisis would not have got out of control. Stop blaming everything on the Russians. — Pipeman
more fake news from the ministry of propaganda! — noton yournelly