Saddam Hussein arrested in Iraq

The BBC has reported that US forces claim to have captured Saddam Hussein. Or at least they are holding one of his many look-alike doubles.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we got him,” US administrator Paul Bremer told journalists in Baghdad, to loud cheers from Iraqis in the audience.

The former leader was said to be found hiding in a cellar at a farmhouse about 15km (10 miles) south of his hometown Tikrit.

AS expected, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has welcomed the news, saying it “removes the shadow” hanging over Iraq.

It also comes at a very convenient time for the occupation forces. With Saddam Hussein now in custody, the Coalition can safely divert attention from the deteriorating security situation in Iraq. While the man himself, or one of his many look-alike doubles, languishes in jail.

Saddam Hussein and one of his look-alike doubles?

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