9/11 Suspect Rudy Giuliani and the Trump Campaign

Brandon Martinez — Non-Aligned Media Nov 28, 2016

The alt-right, a loose rightist coalition of opportunistic clickbait YouTube pundits and organized white nationalists, has been busy glorifying US President-Elect Donald Trump as a God Emperor, hailing the incumbent president as a potential “hero” and “saviour” of the declining white population in the United States.

Conveniently ignored and brushed aside by Trump’s sycophants in the alt-right is the troubling fact that many of the billionaire’s closest advisors and supporters are well-known DC establishment criminals who, during the Bush years, facilitated the traitorous cover-up of 9/11 and helped launch the murderous War on Terror, a completely fraudulent scheme to initiate a series of wars planned by Zionist imperialists in Israel decades earlier.

One of Trump’s loudest proponents on the 2016 campaign trail was none other than former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a key player in the 9/11 conspiracy and cover up.


Alt-media journalist James Corbett recently released a short video detailing Giuliani’s role in 9/11 and the cover up, compiling damning evidence showing that Giuliani’s New York City administration was instrumental in securing the confiscation and subsequent destruction of crucial crime scene evidence at Ground Zero that would have, if analyzed properly in a forensics lab, proven that the attacks were an inside job.


Corbett’s report plays an amateur video showing an endless stream of dump trucks moving into Lower Manhattan to cart away thousands of tons of building debris from the collapsed World Trade Centre, including all of the steel beams which, if tested by experts, could have demonstrated conclusively that explosive charges were used to bring down the buildings.

That key evidence was not only not retained for analysis, but was instead quickly sold and shipped off to Chinese smelters for a profit and destroyed forever. Giuliani himself personally oversaw this process of rapidly removing and extinguishing the evidence which could have indicted the real perpetrators of the attacks and which would have severally undermined the neocons’ pre-planned war agenda.

Corbett also makes the case that Giuliani had foreknowledge that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were going to collapse before anyone could have predicted such a momentous event. In an interview Giuliani gave to the media on 9/11, he admits to receiving a warning by unnamed individuals that the buildings would collapse, a caution that no one else was privy to and which Giuliani failed to pass on to the first responders, many of whom died trying to rescue people trapped in the towers.

Also suspicious, in the late 1990s Giuliani as mayor commissioned the construction of a state-of-the-art command bunker in WTC Building 7, known as the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), containing blast and bullet proof walls, living quarters to accommodate 30 people and back up generators. Yet, amazingly, on 9/11 Giuliani and his team were nowhere near this emergency bunker built specifically for the purpose of housing state officials to coordinate a response to crises. Instead, Giuliani confided that he was in a different command centre located at Pier 92, oddly set-up shortly before 9/11 for the purpose of organizing a bio-terrorism drill involving FEMA as well as federal and state officials, scheduled for September 12. Was this “drill” just a smoke-and-mirrors cover story to provide Giuliani and his New York City administration an excuse to explain away their absence from the OEM in Building 7, which later collapsed in an apparent controlled demolition?

Probed about his semblant foreknowledge and complicity by activists, Giuliani smirked and denied ever receiving the warning or knowing the buildings would collapse. New York firefighters and 9/11 first responders so detest Giuliani for his scandalous actions on and after 9/11, that they have launched several public campaigns exposing his misdeeds.

In this sense, Giuliani’s position as New York City Mayor during 9/11 was absolutely pivotal to the success of the attacks. For years following the atrocity in New York, Giuliani worked hand-in-glove with the Bush administration to promote the endless terror war spawned by 9/11, and craftily used the attacks like a PR hatchet man to manipulate voters in his future political campaigns. Without a trusted ally like Giuliani in place to ensure the truth about what actually brought down the towers and Building 7 was concealed under a veil of secrecy, 9/11 would not likely have succeeded. Therefore, it is reasonable to surmise that Giuliani was actively involved in the conspiracy from the beginning.

Trump and Giuliani – United in Zionism and 9/11 Untruth

To reward Giuliani for his fervent support during the campaign, Trump may make him either Secretary of State or head of Homeland Security in his administration.

The two New Yorkers have been close for many years, a friendship disturbingly illustrated by a 2000 television spoof with Giuliani, dressed in drag, being fondled by Trump.


Trump himself gave a number of intriguing interviews in the aftermath of 9/11. In one interview on the day, Trump questioned whether the buildings could have collapsed simply from fires and the plane impacts, noting how the Twin Towers were some of the toughest skyscrapers ever constructed with the steel frame on the outside instead of the inside. “It wasn’t architectural defect” that caused the collapses, Trump said, pondering whether explosives were also involved simultaneously with the planes to initiate the catastrophic implosions. He pointed out how bombs were exploded in the basement of one of the towers in 1993, yet it didn’t collapse. Having personally seen the aftermath of the blast site in 1993, Trump said the building “was standing solid and half of the columns were blown out… this was an unbelievably powerful building.” “I happen to think that they had not only a plane but bombs that exploded almost simultaneously,” he concluded.


But in a subsequent interview two days later, Trump abruptly changed his tune. When asked by an interviewer how the Twin Towers, buildings which were specially constructed to withstand plane impacts, could have collapsed so rapidly, Trump made no mention of explosives and instead delivered the scripted official line that the “tremendous power and tremendous heat” from the plane explosions and “the tremendous amounts of fuel dumped on the building, 1600 degrees temperature” was “more than anything could take no matter what.”

Was Trump straightened out after that first interview and given a script to read that conformed to the official narrative? It seems likely considering his initial confidence that explosives must have been used.

Trump’s connection to Larry Silverstein is likewise perturbing. In interviews Trump has said Silverstein is a “great guy” and a “good friend.” Silverstein, a billionaire Jewish real-estate mogul from New York like Trump, is the man who suspiciously purchased a 99-year lease on the entire World Trade Centre complex six weeks before the 9/11 attacks, even though the buildings were riddled with asbestos that needed to be removed to conform with safety regulations, a lengthy and difficult process that would have cost up to a billion dollars. Silverstein explained to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper his reasoning for leasing the WTC: nothing more than an instinctual “urge” to own it. Even more conspicuous, Silverstein and both his son and daughter, all of whom worked in the towers, were absent on 9/11. Silverstein himself told reporters that he should have been at the top of the north tower at the Windows on the World restaurant for a meeting, but was persuaded by his wife to skip the meeting to go to a doctor’s appointment. After acquiring the lease to the WTC, Silverstein quickly switched out the security staff and brought in his own private team, as well as kept on the Israeli-linked Kroll Associaties to oversee some of the complex’s security needs. If the Twin Towers and Building 7 were rigged up with explosives, which the physical evidence conclusively shows, then it was Silverstein’s men who must have brought them in or allowed others to do the job.

Silverstein’s personal affinities for Israel and his Zionist extremism are evident in his philanthropic activity, donating to multiple charities that raise money for the Zionist state. Not only is he a generous contributor to Jewish and Israeli causes, but is also a close personal friend of multiple Israeli politicians, and is especially chummy with Benjamin Netanyahu (the architect of the war on terror doctrine) whom he exchanged a phone call with every Sunday afternoon, according to reporting in Haaretz. More damning, Silverstein was a co-founder of the Israel Export Development Company (IEDC) in 1992, an economic pressure group seeking to secure safer and more lucrative investments in Israel. The IEDC acted as a wing of the Institute of Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS), an Israeli and US-based Zionist think tank integral to the push for a war on terror and co-opting Western foreign policy to serve Israel. That group infamously produced the 1996 “Clean Break” paper, authored as advice for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by leading Zionist neocons Richard Perle, David Wurmser and Douglas Feith, which advocated removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, as well as “rolling back” Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, as part of a grand strategy to divide and conquer Israel’s regional rivals. Those plans were later put into action, with all three Clean Break authors becoming top advisors and policy makers in the neocon-infested Bush administration.

Alt-media con-man Alex Jones, a delirious Trump mouthpiece, has variously portrayed Trump as a friend of 9/11 truth who will “expose” what really happened once in office with a new investigation. But Trump has never expressed any interest in finding out who really plotted 9/11, and he likely never will seeing as many of his personal “good friends” were themselves involved in and substantially profited from the attacks. Trump has maintained from 2001 forward the official story, saying in a recent speech to AIPAC, the premier pro-Israel lobbying and spy group in the US, that “the Islamic fundamentalists” were behind 9/11. In an interview with Alex Jones himself, Trump repeated the establishment narrative that Osama bin Laden was the mastermind, and that he “predicted” an al-Qaeda attack in one of his books. At a campaign stop, Trump repudiated an actual 9/11 truther, dismissing him as a “conspiracy guy.”

The closest Trump has come to a revisionist position on 9/11 was suggesting that the regime of Saudi Arabia was involved in supporting the hijackers, an essentially uncontroversial claim that has been pushed by other establishment politicians like Lindsey Graham and Zionist media outlets who have promoted the same line for years, hoping to distract from Israel and the Zionist neocons’ central managerial role in the attacks and the cover up. Trump has not only not questioned the official story of Al-Qaeda culpability and gravity/fire-induced building collapses, but during his presidential run falsely claimed that he personally witnessed “thousands” of American Muslims celebrating the attacks in the streets of New Jersey. So he’s willing to invent fables about celebrating New Jersey Arabs, but has never once pointed out that Israelis were actually arrested in New Jersey on 9/11 who witnesses saw video taping and subsequently rejoicing during the attacks, later telling FBI interrogators that the event would be “good for Israel.” Far from a truth seeker, Trump has consistently protected the real perpetrators from scrutiny, and has promoted disinformation to misdirect suspicion from Tel Aviv and onto Muslims.

Giuliani and Trump are both fanatic Zionists who support the worst, most bellicose elements in Israel. Giuliani’s career was built on largesse and publicity from the New York Jewish elite and he repaid them with blind, grovelling support of Israel – which explains why they selected him to help oversee the cover up of 9/11. Similarly, Trump prospered in the business world via help, support and largesse from Jewish financial interests controlling the casino and real-estate industries in New York and New Jersey. Particularly helpful to Trump’s career was an investor named Wilbur Ross, who managed Trump’s troubled assets when his Atlantic City casinos were on the verge of bankruptcy, helping him escape trouble with lenders. For over twenty years Ross worked as a senior managing director for the New York office of Rothschild Inc., an investment company owned by the infamous Rothschild Jewish banking dynasty. Research by Michael Collins Piper revealed that Resorts International, a company that Trump acquired a 93% stake in 1987, was originally a money laundering front operation for the CIA and Mossad whose principle investors were Meyer Lansky (the Jewish mobster), Tibor Rosenbaum (former Mossad agent), William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

Trump’s loyalty to Zionism and its world-conquering agenda is due to a confluence of factors, principally his substantial financial ties to elite Jews in finance and real estate, as well as familial relations. Trump’s daughter Ivanka married Jared Kushner, a successful Orthodox Jewish businessman from New York. Upon marriage to Kushner, Ivanka converted to her husband’s faith, which is why Trump likes to brag about his “beautiful Jewish daughter” and Jewish grandchildren.

Trump’s campaign team has been staffed to the brim with hawkish Zionists, chief among them his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a close advisor during the campaign and architect of Trump’s fierce allegiance to the child-murdering Likud maniacs in Israel. But there are many others, listed prominently in an article on The Times of Israel website titled Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle: A look at the president-elect’s advisers and their possible roles in his incoming administration. The article names Jason Greenblatt, David Friedman, daughter and son-in-law duo Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Boris Epshteyn, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Lewis Eisenberg (former head of NY Port Authority), and Michael Glassner – all dedicated Israel-first Zionists, the last two actually having helped secure the privatization and sale of the World Trade Centre to Larry Silverstein in 2001.

Trump’s Zionist dream team has encouraged his platform pledge to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and to recognize the latter city as the capital of Israel – a move that past presidents, themselves extremely sympathetic to Israel and tightly beholden to Zionist interests, refused to do. Not only that, but Trump’s Zionist advisors have pushed him to maintain opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump repeatedly promised to “dismantle” if elected.

All of this demonstrates conclusively that Trump is hooked in with an expanse of criminal elites and shady individuals with intimate links to the financial underworld, the deep state, Zionism and others like Giuliani and Silverstein who were directly involved in the 9/11 attacks and the cover up. How a man with these dastardly connections and policy positions can possibly be an “anti-establishment” crusader is something that only fantasists in the alt-right could possibly rationalize.