Alien City Walls Discovered On Mars & More! 11/29/16

Introduction — Nov 30, 2016

According to GI Gurdjieff, one of the 20th century’s most influential esoteric teachers, Mars had been humanity’s home planet before human civilisation there was destroyed.
Thereafter humanity started to incarnate on Earth, Mars having been rendered uninhabitable. It should be noted however, that Gurdjieff didn’t say humanity had been transported to the Earth in giant space ships. Instead, he taught that humanity began to INCARNATE here on the Earth. There is a difference: one is a process of physical relocation, the other is a spiritual process.
Moreover, the destruction of the Martian civilisation wasn’t the result of an “alien” attack. Rather it was a combination of humanity’s own mistakes and wrongdoing, coupled with the workings of higher powers, which ultimately led to planet wide catastrophe on Mars. Ed.

SecureTeam10 — Nov 29, 2016


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