Ten Years Ago, Illuminati Poisoned Philip Jones

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Philip Jones 1957-2009

  Sunday is the tenth anniversary of the death Nov 24, 2009, of the gifted and courageous anti-NWO crusader Philip Jones. During the last months of his life, Jones’ confided to L.C. Vincent his suspicion that he had been poisoned.
“With the clarity of hindsight, Philip realized that he had been set up and ensnared in the classic “honey trap”, except modern technology had added the wrinkle of a mind-controlled femme fatale into the mix.”

By L.C. Vincent — (henrymakow.com)

Philip Jones had been a strapping, young English “bobby” who had decided to take early retirement in Denmark with his new wife while he enjoyed the opportunity to write and observe the culture around him.
As he did so, and the years passed, it became increasingly apparent to him that the culture of Denmark was not evolving organically but was rather a series of subtle, programmed cues to which the populace responded. The more he observed, the more he was convinced that an unseen hidden hand was using the small nation of Denmark as a petri dish for testing theorems of behavior modification and mind control. His articles were scathing analyses of Danish society, ultimately describing the hidden controllers that manipulated it, a control group that he identified as the Illuminati in service to the New World Order.
Philip’s blog from Denmark (The Righteous Alliance) attracted a worldwide audience, myself among many others. As fate would have it, I began corresponding with Philip about five months before his death. As he gradually came to confide in me, we pieced together the events he felt were leading to his early demise.
He wrote that he had become seriously ill with severe stomach pains after recently visiting a local restaurant. Naturally, I initially suspected food poisoning, until Philip began to reveal other details of his personal life that suggested the true causal event was a woman.
After writing blogs about Denmark and the Illuminati’s penetration and manipulation of Danish society for several years, Philip began receiving email correspondence from around the world. One particular correspondent, a young woman named Dorte, seemed enraptured by his writing and professed her deep admiration for his intellectual gifts. Philip revealed that Dorte, whose father had been in the military, seemed very conversant about the New World Order, and apparently also possessed knowledge about various esoteric subjects.
Dorte_Jensen_kobenhavn1.gif Dorte just happened to live nearby and insisted that they meet. Reluctantly, Philip agreed to a meeting and was swept off his feet by her charm and beauty.
But all was not well with Dorte. She was married to a man who, she claimed, was cold, manipulative and mentally abusive. She had two children by him, but Dorte stated emphatically that there was no love in their relationship and that she only continued appearances for the sake of their children.
Professing adoring admiration of Philip’s intellect and his inquiry into the hidden mysteries behind Denmark and the machinations of the hidden hand of the Illuminati, Philip felt he had finally met someone who not only wanted him as a man but who also respected his intellectual pursuits. Defying convention and morality, he introduced his new female “friend” to his wife, and within a week or two, Dorte had moved in and Philip’s wife had moved out of their home, as she refused to play second fiddle to his Philip’s new amorata.
It was at this point that things began to turn in an unusual direction. Philip then explained that Dorte had proclaimed that she was going to minister to his health and that she had extensive, arcane knowledge of medicinal herbs and compounds. According to Philip, Dorte then transformed their bathroom into a semi-laboratory, where she “lived” for hours on end, compounding concoctions for Philip to ingest for his “health.”
Dorte also introduced Philip as her “new lover ” to her husband at Philip’s residence. Her husband seemed indifferent to the entire affair and accepted the new arrangement without so much as a whimper of protest. According to Philip, Dorte’s husband kept a cool detached distance from the two “lovebirds.”
Dorte’s husband was a high-ranking NATO officer, but dour and physically diminutive. Philip once wrote very colorfully about this man’s physical presence, describing him as someone that “…I could walk right through if I chose to do so….”
Yet looking back upon his time with Dorte as he began to succumb to the ravages of his poisoning, Philip realized that Dorte had gradually assumed control of his entire life and lifestyle. Initially, she had played the helpless heroine in distress, and Philip had responded as the proverbial “White Knight” in full rescue mode, with consequences that were soon to prove fatal.
Dorte quickly assumed the direction of Philip’s life and domicile. First, she manipulated herself into his home and replaced his wife. Then she began daily administration of the “vitamins, herbs and potions” which she kept in their bathroom for most of the day, insisting Philip down every last one of her concoctions to the dregs. She gradually separated Philip from all of his other male and female friends, because she either did not “approve” of them or she just didn’t like them. She also made Philip give away his two beloved dogs because she reputedly had an aversion to them.
The final blow was Dorte’s insistence that Philip mortgage the debt-free home he had owned, placing him in both financial and psychological debt, and insisted they use these new funds for “entertainment.” Dorte had effectively isolated Philip from his entire social support network and undermined his financial stability. Philip confided, after the fact, that he felt that all these things were done to psychologically, socially, emotionally and financially isolate him.



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    yes like Christopher story and others such as Chris Cooper who tapped the phones of Rupert Murdoch Robert Maxwell and Tony Blair.
    Cooper listened in to the rows in Tony Blairs bedrom and how he betrayed the awful Cherie with Cliff Richard, he also said Cliff was blackmailed by Mosad to come do shows in israel. Cliff was as big a pervert as Elton John and the guy from queen according to a Grek singer with an unpronouncable name on radio

  3. There is a temptation when a plan works to use it again and again and it is this which betrays them. When Neville Cnamberlian came back with a peace treaty with Hitler
    The Focus group of jewbankers bought Churchill to take us to war, and we were bombing Germany for many weeks before they responded.
    How dare Hitler take the German economy away from us, said Whaley-Cohen.
    Neville Chamberlian was poisoned in his own kitchen by the new chef,
    allowing in the bastard Churchill,
    Chamberlians secretary the MP Archibald Maule Ramsey wrote the book on this called ” The Needles War ” its online and tells the truth of how the jews tri ked us into 2 worls wars
    and are presently working on another for the stupid soldiers

  4. Does anyone know what happened to Mike James, whose writings used to appear regularly on this website (The Truth Seeker)?

    From what I remember, Mike was a Welshman living in Germany.

  5. We have also not heard from Mike James since we posted his last article, some years ago. When we last heard from him his health was not good and he was living in northern Germany. With regret we have to say that we suspect that he might have passed on. Ed.

  6. Thanks for that Rixon. I was wondering the same thing myself.