Jo Cox Murder Accused Will Not Give Evidence

Introduction — Nov 23, 2016

The ‘murder’ of Remain Campaigner and MP Jo Cox just days before the Brexit vote should have swung the vote against leaving the European Union. Unfortunately, for Remain Campaigners like Jo Cox it was not to be.
CCTV image of Mair shortly after the murder. He is alleged to have changed his clothes after the killing. Click to enlarge

CCTV image of Mair shortly after the murder. He is alleged to have changed his clothes after the killing. Click to enlarge

However that doesn’t alter the fact that there are too many discrepancies in Jo Cox’s murder for it to be deemed an open and shut case. From the conflicting accounts of various eyewitnesses to the CCTV images of the accused allegedly escaping the scene, which are so blurred as to make identication impossible (right), the case against Thomas Mair is far from being open and shut.
For example, prior to the prosecution presenting photos of Mair’s bookshelf packed with Nazi memorabilia and rightwing literature, his family and neighbours reported that Mair was not a violent man who had never expressed any extremist views.
Yet the jury at his trial were told that Mair researched racist ideologies and also sought treatment for “depression” the day before he allegedly attacked Jo Cox.
In other words Mair was psychologically unstable and vulnerable too. All of which suggests to this writer that he was the target for a mind-control operation, which set him up as the fall guy for Jo Cox’s alleged murder.
The fact that Mair has opted NOT to give any evidence in his defence only underlines this. Why would he not choose to testify: when he might mitigate his sentence or simply justify his crime?
If he was so politically motivated, as the prosecution claims, he might even have used it as an opportunity to make a defiant speech. He didn’t, which suggests to this writer that his controllers want Mair silenced, sentenced and locked away for the rest of his life, and the case forgotten.

Jo Cox’s husband comes face-to-face with the man accused of killing her as he attends the trial of Thomas Mair for the first time to hear the judge begin summing-up the evidence

Sam Tonkin — Mail Online Nov 23, 2016

Jo Cox’s husband has come face-to-face with the man accused of killing her after he attended the trial of Thomas Mair for the first time.

Brendan Cox was at The Old Bailey today to hear the judge summing up evidence in the case.

Jurors have been told to decide whether Jo Cox’s alleged killer is a loner who should return to his ‘quiet existence’ or forever be remembered as a political assassin.

It came as gardener Thomas Mair, 53, who is accused of murdering the Labour MP on the eve of the EU referendum, today opted not to give evidence in his defence.

The alleged far-Right extremist allegedly shot and stabbed the mother-of-two as she arrived at Birstall library, near Leeds, for a surgery a week before the historic vote.

Mr Cox had stayed away from the courtroom until today.

The Old Bailey has heard Mair shouted ‘Britain first’ during the brutal attack, had a stash of neo-Nazi material at his home in the West Yorkshire town and had collected a dossier on his 41-year-old Remain campaigning MP.

She suffered 15 stab wounds inflicted by a Second World War-style dagger and three gunshot injuries from hunting bullets fired from a sawn off rifle at point-blank range.

In his closing speech, prosectuor Richard Whittam QC told of the ‘sheer barbarity’ of Mrs Cox’s death.

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