Putin’s presidential plane is chased across Switzerland by fighter jets

Paddy Dinham — Daily Mail Nov 19, 2016

Swiss fighters fly alongside Russian presidential jet. Click to enlarge

Swiss fighters fly alongside Russian presidential jet. Click to enlarge

A Russian presidential plane carrying journalists was chased across Swiss skies by fighter planes amid mounting tensions between Vladimir Putin and the rest of Europe.

One of the passengers on board the Russian plane, which was headed to Peru, took a video showing the military jet flying by their side, clearly carrying Swiss markings.

Andrey Kolesnikov, editor-in-chief of the magazine Russian Pioneer, wrote on Facebook: ‘We’re flying above Switzerland. At some point, the plane with the delegation and the journalists is being blocked from three sides by three fighter jets.’

Kolesnikov said the aircraft were so close he could see the faces of the Swiss pilots, and there could have potentially been a crash if they had come much closer.

Despite fears the Russian plane would be forced to make an impromptu landing, the Swiss jets pulled away once it reached the border.

A growing military presence in Eastern Europe, its alliance with Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad and boasts about nuclear capabilities has put much of the continent on high-alert over Russia.

Just today, it was announced Putin launched a supersonic missile that could reach the UK in 13 minutes

The Object 4202 rocket was fired thousands of miles from the Yasny Launch Base in Russia to the far-east peninsula of Kamchatka, with Kremlin officials calling the test a ‘success’.  

It is all but invisible to US anti-missile systems and moves at such high speeds it is virtually impossible to intercept.

Boasting about their new weapon, Russia’s Tactical Missiles Corporation claimed it would make the Hiroshima nuclear bombs look like ‘popguns’.


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