“Who is This Electorate?”

Care and Washing of the Brain — Nov 17, 2016


Both the MSM and the Democratic Party are whimpering like a dog chained to a tree during a rainstorm, wondering what in the Hell happened, gnashing their teeth and wailing, “Who is this electorate?”

This electorate are the ones whose sons and daughters you’ve been sending off to fight and die in the ME and Africa in nations that were NO threat to the USA, but which Wall Street wanted to loot and Israel wanted destroyed.

This electorate are the ones who you abandoned to the Wall Street wolf pack, who tore into us like a lost lamb.

This electorate are the ones who saw thru the MSM lies, BS, fear mongering, propaganda and disinfo you pushed into our veins, but instead of becoming fear junkies, we turned to alternative news sources and blogs.

This electorate endured decades of DC social engineering, designed to turn us into slobbering slaves and idiots, like the damned Common Core math, designed by fools to entrap the gullible. We’ve put up with your turning society into a cesspool, mirrored in Hollywood movies filled with degenerate sex, nudity and way too graphic violence. But when you tried to shove down our throats the insanity that transvestites need more guaranteed civil liberties than We the People, which you wanted to prove by forcing schools and businesses to let a man dressed as a woman, use the little girls toilet, under fear of prosecution, fines and prison time, we finally said ‘NO’ to Hillary’s twisted schemes for more madness.

This electorate are the ones who finally started seeing the truth about the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag when we saw that the Pentagon was providing weapons and air support to an ISIS terrorist group currently called al Sham, which had been called al Nusra and before that, they were al Qaeda in Syria.

This electorate are the ones who knew who had and was causing many of our problems, and she was counting on winning, since the MSM had already crowned her, but we don’t need any more of the Clinton Mob treason’s, lies, thefts and murders.

Case in point: Tried to leave the following comment at the formerly progressive rag, Mother Jones,” and this came up:

We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by Mother Jones. Find out more.

Here’s what I left on a post filled with self-pity and contempt for us ‘deplorables.’

Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. They could of won handily with Sanders, but the Clinton Mob and the DNC worked to crush Bernie, telling people they don’t matter.
Well people do matter.

We also saw the ongoing train wreck that is Obamacare and what its doing to our budgets, we didn’t want another four years of that looting.

We also saw thru Clinton’s lies about everything being Putin’s fault. We might be slow, but we’re not stupid.

Used to take it personally that my thoughts were banned, but now, it’s a Badge of Honor!

Finally, we no longer believe what YOUR media says, including the New York Times admission it will stop telling lies. No one will believe a liar who has lied repeatedly and often over the decades and is lying now about not telling any more lies.

Tough shit, Times, you no longer matter.



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