Conspiracies of the Mind and Conspiracies of the Heart

Visible Origami — Nov 15, 2016

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Life keeps toodlin along. You think it’s going to go that way and it goes this way. You think this will happen and it doesn’t, no… that happens. According to many diverse and uninformed sources, the world should already be gone and us with it… rapture should have come and gone… Armageddon should now just be some smoldering wreckage, amusement park. All those coffins by the side of the road in; was it Georgia? They should all be filled by now. This person says the conspiracy angle is bunk.
The Georgia Guide Stones are gone. I’ve no idea if that link will clear anything up for you. I didn’t even read it (grin). I just scanned the first part to see if it had enough generic information for whomever comes here and doesn’t know what they are and where the Hell is Niburu? I’m guessing Niburu is traveling here along the cosmic version of snail mail; possibly on the back of a massive snail with electro-magnetic capacity but real slow regardless.
By now, according to many who have been serving us rumor and speculation for decades, World War Three should have already come and gone. Benjamin Fulford has been threatening the arrival of the Yakuza and multicolored ninjas, who are going to kick international banker ass or someone’s ass. Alex Jones showed up with some guy the other day to tell us how Assange was going to release devastating Hillary Clinton info on ELECTION DAY! What possible good would that have done? I didn’t see anything much but it gave Alex ‘the 24 carat fraud’ Jones a chance to mention that the Saudis did 9/11 again. He sounds like a croaking toad these days and yet people will still defend him to me.
Then there is Sorcha Faal (such a fool).
The times when someone has predicted something correctly are so rare that I can’t remember any of them. The preppers are still waiting for the shit to hit. It’s trying to gain momentum out there in the American cities, courtesy of George Soros and the cabal of international Satanic Bankers. If you want to know who is doing it; Cui Bono. Follow the money. It’s simple.
Then you get stuff like this. According to this cat, everyone (except me… heh heh) is working for them. Very strange; ♫99 bottles of beer on the wall♫ I’ve been called an ‘organic portal’. I don’t even know what that is and… a neanderthal- here’s the text that accompanies my photo; “Another wolf in sheep’s clothing who is pretending to be a “truth seeker”. He is also a musician and author. He calls himself “Les Visible”.” It’s down toward the bottom of the page. Look at the company I am in! It’s pretty heady stuff. I’m a total nobody. Why would I be in this group?
The amount of confusion and disinformation out there is amazing. Meanwhile, some of us are sincerely trying to do the right thing- even if we don’t know what that is. I would like to be judged according to those I promote and study and emulate. I don’t mind being judged by things I have done. They’re pretty penny ante as far as the negative activities and hardly compare to the read evil doers. I’m just a guy that occasionally makes mistakes, like anyone. I’m also a fellow who learns from them. That is the key. I think you can judge someone according to their aspirations and intentions. I’m not saying you should. I am only saying you can; at least for the purpose of putting their behavior into perspective. What is judgment anyway? On one hand there is impartial objectivity and on the other there is passionate adversity and possible injury. There are so many degrees of it all; a never ending Rolodex of chiaroscuro variables. What does it all mean? I have no idea.
I have personally been reduced to one motivation; Love the ineffable. Some of us have perfected this and that is beyond description by anyone standing outside of it. Some of us are in pursuit and often unaware of what Milton once said, “They also serve who only stand and wait.”
Here it is as I am able to see it, in all it’s refracted and mysterious nature; seek the ineffable above every other possibility of effort in any theater of operations that you may find yourself in. Anything… no matter what it is, if you pursue it to the exclusion of everything else, it will be yours.
There isn’t more that one can say. It really does reduce to just that and simple logic proves it. If the ineffable is the all in all; the creator of the planes and the personnel and the source of every form and permutation of power there is then… what other objective should any sane and sincere seeker pursue? Whether one is good or evil, the objective should still be the same. We’ve learned that good and evil are relative polarities and defining either of them in any comprehensive and lasting way is impossible. They switch places depending on who is defining them and even when they are defined by large groups of people, what appears to be good, very often turns out to be evil. History shows that clearly.
More and more I understand why so many of us seek solitude from the roar of the maddening crowd. I used to think I wanted a community; something one could put together according to shared ideals and thereby create a living situation outside the world of appetites that surround us; something simple and yet capable of manifesting a communal joy… a launching pad into realms of splendor for those so inclined. I’ve adjusted my feelings about that. These days I think the real achievement is to be in the community wherever you may be. It is something you carry with you as you go and something you generate through the possession of a sense of brotherhood which immediately causes a resonance in the hearts of everyone wherever you may be, whether that be a prison or a paradise.

As Lao Tzu says;

“If the sign of life is in your face
He who responds to it
Will feel secure and fit
As when, in a friendly place,
Sure of hearty care,
A traveler gladly waits.
Though it may not taste like food
And he may not see the fare
Or hear a sound of plates,
How endless it is and how good!”
So… I take it there must be a place of solitude within that is untroubled by the crowds and confusion and if you have to run from that, it remains the master of you. This is not to say that one is not immensely improved by locating an environment untroubled by pedestrian hungers and perversions. Many who are far wiser than I have found a convincing solace in such locations. However, I have come to believe that one can have this anywhere if one has it at all.
I cannot shake the idea that if God is everywhere then one might be okay anywhere. Then I have to consider that Hell is anywhere that God is absent but… if God is everywhere then that must mean that God is in Hell as well but only seems not to be and that… that leads me to the thought of the Devil and the Ineffable. The Ineffable has his throne in Heaven and the Devil has his throne in Hell. Therefore the Devil is God as he appears to those who dwell in Hell. It’s a matter of perception that is formed out of the qualities of a person’s heart, which is the motivator of their actions, which accounts for the Karma that puts them wherever it is that they imagine themselves to be. This leads me further to speculate on one’s residence in Heaven, or Hell or anywhere in between… or beyond. It seems like it might all be a mindset, which leads me to consideration of Buddha-Mind. Ah well… we are journeying about on a raft of words that float on an ocean of thought, where the raft is formed out of water congealed into shape and all of it is temporary.
For a lot of people, temporary is fine. Temporary is as far as their thought takes them. Consideration of more far reaching possibilities disturbs and unsettles them. They worry about what that might mean in relation to all these very important temporary things that occupy their efforts and their minds. Many people do not want their idea of reality to be challenged by something that has the power to change it all. You got to be a certain kind of person to want to welcome this kind of change into your life. This is not a common sentiment.
There are some very different kinds of people coming into the world these days. They might have been pretty much like everyone else that came before but they’re being differently programmed than the people that came before and there is a massive amount of new influences impacting on them, not to mention all the new sexual types and terms.
Here’s a listing with a welter of nonsensical explanations;
Agender (non-gender):
“Not identifying with any gender, the feeling of having no gender.” (HTWG) “a term used to describe a person without gender. This person can be any physical sex, but their body does not necessarily correspond with their lack of gender identity”
1. A person whose biological sex is not readily apparent.
2. A person who is intermediate between the two traditional genders.
3. A person who rejects gender roles entirely.”
Bigender people identify as two genders simultaneously, or move between them. This is not limited to man/woman and can include other genders.
(Nonbinary) Butch:
“Holding a nonbinary gender identity and a butch gender expression, or claiming Butch as an identity outside of the gender binary”
“Ceterosexual/romantic is sexual/romantic attraction to individuals who’s genders fall under the nonbinary umbrella. This term used to be called skoliosexual/romantic but was renamed because the prefix “skolio-” means “bent or crooked” which implies nonbinary individuals are abnormal or broken (and they no doubt are) . The new prefix “cetero” means “other” This term is exclusive to trans and/or nonbinary individuals. This is because many nonbinary individuals thought that this term could be seen as fetishistic.” It is unclear whether this terminology will stick — and some folks are still using skoliosexual — or if something new or more specific to certain GQ/NB identity attraction will arise.
“A person who, regardless of motivation, wears clothes, makeup, etc. that are considered by the culture to be appropriate for another gender but no one’s own (preferred term to “transvestite”). This gender non-conforming behavior should not be conflated with queer sexualities. Many cross-dressers are heterosexual and conduct their cross-dressing on a part-time basis. Cross-dressing might also be termed gender non-conforming behavior.”
Demi- identities encompass those who identify partially as a given gender. Some common terms are demigirl, demiboy, demienby, and demiflux. Some related terms are nanogirl/nanoboy and magigirl/magiboy to refer to a small amount of a given gender mixed with more of another/other genders, and a large amount of a given gender mixed with more of another/other genders, respectively.
Derived from abbreviation NB for non-binary. Enbyfriend can be used as a neutral romantic or sexual partner term.
“The term epicene literally means “common to both sexes.” It sometimes refers to individuals who have characteristics of both genders or someone who cannot be classified as one sex or the other. Most often, it refers to effeminate males.”
(Nonbinary) Femme:
“Holding a nonbinary gender identity and a femme gender expression, or claiming Femme as an identity outside of the gender binary.”
Gender fluid:
“Referring to a gender identity that changes with time and/or situation as opposed to a fix sex-role or gender queer expression”
Similar to gender fluid, but involving a shift in gender “intensity”.
“The idea of playing with gender cues to purposely confuse, mix, or combine a culture’s standard or stereotypical gender expressions.”
“Someone who does not have a gender at all. Some people just don’t “get” gender or feel like they have no gender, or a lack of gender, or an absence of gender.”
Gender neutral:
May refer to identities, clothing, or behavior that are not easily categorized as masculine or feminine or a blend of the two (androgyny). See also neutrois.
“A woman who is very attracted to gay/bi men. She may (or may not) also feel she is (fully or partly) a “gay man in a woman’s body”. Girlfags may identify primarily as bi or straight or lesbian, and are often attracted to more types of people than just gay/bi men.”
“A person who identifies as (at least partially) outside the gender binary and has a strong natural ambivalence about their gender identity or gender expression. They feel they have a gender(s), as well as a natural inclination or desire to express it, but it’s weak and/or somewhat indeterminate/indefinable, or they don’t feel it most of the time, or they’re just not that invested in it.”
“A man who is very attracted to lesbian/bi women. He may (or may not) also feel he is (fully or partly) a “lesbian in a man’s body”. Guydykes may identify primarily as bi or straight or gay, and are often attracted to more types of people than just lesbian/bi women.”
“A person whose gender identity is between genders or a combination of genders.”
“There is no one definition of Neutrois, since each person that self-identifies as such experiences their gender differently. The most common ones are: neutral-gender, null-gender, neither male nor female ,genderless, agender.”
“A person whose gender identity is comprised of many gender expressions.”
“The queer erotic reality beyond the boundaries of gender, separatism, and essentialist notions of sexual orientation”. Generally used conceptually rather than a stand-alone identity term.
Third Gender:
Term often used in anthropological studies to set apart identities other than man or woman that appear across different cultures. Can have colonial connotations, use with caution. See also Gilbert H. Herdt’s Third Sex, Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism in Culture and History (1996) and Serena Nanda’s Gender Diversity: Crosscultural Variations.
“People who feel they are neither male nor female, but not androgynous either and construct their own gender.” (HTWG) Trigender may also be used to refer to one who moves between three genders, as bigender is used to refer to those who move between two genders.
“Transmasculine is a term used to describe transgender people who were assigned female at birth, but identify with masculinity to a greater extent than with femininity. This includes trans men, but transmasculine can also describe someone with a non-binary gender who views themselves as significantly masculine, such as demiguys. Transmasculine can also be used as a gender identity in its own right. Although they have masculine gender identities, transmasculine people may prefer not to conform to stereotypical masculine gender expression or gender roles.”
“Transfeminine is a term used to describe transgender people who were assigned male at birth, but identify with femininity to a greater extent than with masculinity. This includes trans women, but transfeminine can also describe someone with a non-binary gender who views themselves as significantly feminine, such as demigirls. Transfeminine can also be used as a gender identity in its own right. Although they have feminine gender identities, transfeminine people may prefer not to conform to stereotypical feminine gender expression or gender roles.”
Transmedicalist/“Truscum” and Tucute/“Tupuke”/“Transtrender”:
There is an ongoing debate between people who believe that dysphoria and desire to medical transition are essential to identifying as transgender, and those who do not find these aspects to be requirements for transgender identity, associated with the above words and corresponding slang. Some people who do not experience dysphoria are thought to be trying on a gender identity as a “trend”. See here for a good run-down of the history behind this debate.
Gender Identity:
Gender can refer to sense of self (gender identity), perception of self by others (including gender recognition or misgendering), behavior, expression, and role. There are both psychological (arising in the mind) and socio-cultural (determined by others, ideas about what is masculine and feminine, and role expectation) aspects of gender.
“There are several non-gender specific pronouns that some people opt to use to describe themselves. “Hir” is used to replace “her” and “him.” “S/he” or “ze” is used instead of “he” and “she.” If you are unsure of how a person identifies or what pronouns to use, it never hurts to ask politely.”
“Originally a synonym for “odd,” this term—as both noun and adjective—became a derogatory epithet for gay men and lesbians in the twentieth century, especially in the United States, where it emphasized the alleged “unnaturalness” of homosexuality. Although many people still use “queer” as an anti-gay slur, there emerged a movement in the 1980s that sought to reclaim the term and rob it of its negative meaning.
In this usage, “queer” is an inclusive umbrella term that designates all those who are sexually dissident, even if they are not strictly homosexual, and all “transgressive” forms of sexuality. Many lesbians and gay men, transsexuals, bisexuals, and even heterosexuals whose sexuality does not fit into the cultural standard of monogamous heterosexual marriage have adopted the “queer” label. Some gay men and lesbians, however, remembering the hurt caused by its pejorative meaning, dislike the term, even in its “reclaimed” usage, and feel that it has the effect of diluting the specificity of the narrower categories. The term is sometimes used as a verb. To queer something is to replace normative, heterosexual values with values of minority sexualities, in effect, to make non-normative values the norm.”
“Being uncertain of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.”
I’m sorry to put this great steaming lump of offal into an Origami but it is part of what we are up against as we make our way in this world. It’s not something we have to pay attention to. I certainly don’t but… it’s good to know what forces are seeking to shape the way life is perceived by the many and to have an idea of what their intentions are… over the long term.
God be with you all.
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