Trump blames second night of protests on professional protesters and media incitement

James Wilkinson — Nov 11, 2016


Anti-Trump protest in Oakland, CA. Click to enlarge

The Portland, Oregon PD has fired live bullets after declaring the city’s anti-Donald-Trump protest a riot Thursday night afters cars were smashed, buildings and cars vandalized and fires started.

‘Due to extensive criminal and dangerous behavior, protest is now considered a riot. Crowd has been advised,’ Portland police tweeted at 8:30pm local time.

They then tweeted: ‘After several orders to disperse, police have used less lethal munitions to effect arrests and move the crowd. (Officers) still taking projectiles.’

Footage showed protesters fighting and vandalizing buildings and one video showed a small group arguing with the driver of a white Mercedes sports car, which was then attacked.

Video journalist Mike Bivins tweeted: ‘It’s a warzone. Cops throwing flash grenades.’

For Portland it was the third night of protests against Trump; for most of the other cities – including New York, Philadelphia and Oakland – it was the second.

The continued outcry saw Trump heading to Twitter to complain about the ‘unfair’ treatment, and to blame – without evidence – ‘professional protesters.’

He tweeted: ‘Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!’

Protests continued regardless from East Coast to West, including one outside Trump’s home, Trump Tower, in the city of New York, and in Oakland, California, where a march of 6,000 people descended into a riot.

According to the Twitter bot RealRealDonaldTrump, which filters out tweets that have come from phones other than his Samsung Galaxy, the tweet was indeed sent by him.

It was one of just three tweets sent from his phone since October 20. Last week it was revealed that his staff wrested control of his Twitter account to stop him sabotaging his own campaign.

blm-at-anti-trump-protestAround an hour before the tweet, Jeffrey Lord, former Reagan adviser and pro-Trump pundit, had also written off the marches as the result of ‘professional protesters’ while talking on CNN.

He had made similar remarks about anti-Trump events in March.

Trump supporter Cupita tweeted: ‘The liberal peaceful city of Portland is being destroyed by its peace loving liberal inhabitants. #TrumpRiot.’

Multnomah County, which includes Portland, voted 76 percent for Clinton on Tuesday. The city is known as a liberal hipster hub on the West Coast.

Thomas Kaiser, who described himself as a conservative Ted Cruz supporter, tweeted: ‘So liberals lose an election – they trash liberal cities. The media keeps telling me they are the smart ones. I’m not buying it.#TrumpRiot’

The Portland march had begun happily enough, with inspiring Clinton quotes, offers of free hugs and protesters walking arm-in-arm down the street. The crowd was estimated at around 4,000.

The protest began in Pioneer Square, then continued on to Waterfront Park at around 6pm local time before continuing eastwards, taking over roads and slowing traffic.

By 7pm, however, reports of vandalism began to filter through, and by 8pm police were noting aggressive behavior and asked anyone not involved to leave.

Protesters were spotted carrying baseball bats and letting off fireworks, and video began to emerge on twitter of people spraying anarchy symbols and ‘F**k Trump’ graffiti on walls and signposts.

One woman allegedly tried to drive into two girls and had her windscreen smashed. Two protesters were filmed getting into a fight after an argument broke out in the crowd, while a self-professed leader split them up.

A car lot in North Portland saw windscreens being smashed to pieces, and business windows were smashed in the Pearl district while police blocked an I-5 ramp to stop protesters from getting onto the highway.

Protest organizer Gregory McKelvey announced that he was leaving the group, not wanting to be associated with violence, and later tweeted: ‘The protest that became violent was not our protest.’

Another group, #PDXResistance, tweeted: ‘We are marching peacefully. Some have entered our ranks to vandalize. We do not police other people’s activism, but we will always lead with peace and love… we are about peaceful change.’

Non-violent marchers were told by police to go to Pioneer Courthouse Square to continue their protest.

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Footnote — Nov 10, 2016

As the following twitter post illustrates, anti-Trump protests also took place in Austin, Texas. But as the poster points out, the protesters were bussed in. Meaning that the protests weren’t a spontaneous reaction to Trump’s election victory, as they would have had to have been booked beforehand.

Leading this writer to wonder if some shadowy Soros-sponsored group was behind the anti-Trump protests? After all we know that George Soros helped fund Black Lives Matter, in an effort to use the supposedly grass-roots protest group to reshape policing in the U.S.

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