Donald Trump’s Triumph: in Quotes

Rixon Stewart — Nov 9, 2016

Russian President Putin has welcomed Donald Trump’s election victory, according to a message on the Kremlin website, saying he hoped it marked the beginning of “cooperation in ending a crisis in Russian-American relations.”
Putin wasn’t alone in welcoming Trump’s election victory. Writing on his Facebook page Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also welcomed Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton, whose plans he described as “deadly”(Mailonline ).
The former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has also hailed Trump’s win, saying that it offers an opportunity to repair damaged ties between Moscow and Washington.
Europe’s right-leaning politicians widely applauded Trump’s election victory.
The co-leader of the nationalist Alternative for Germany party, which campaigns against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policy, Frauke Petry said “it was high time that people disenfranchised by the political establishment get their voice back in the United States of America too.”(Associated Press)
Not all the messages were unanimous in congratulating Trump, however. French President Francois Hollande, who had openly endorsed Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign, mentioned Trump’s win but warned that it “opens a period of uncertainty.” (Ibid)
Although politician’s reaction to Trump’s victory ranged from the tepid to the warmly welcoming, some elements in the mainstream media were nearly hysterical in their response.
The Guardian, Britain’s foremost liberal broadsheet, almost sounded as it were foaming at the mouth in its commentary. According to an editorial Trump’s victory “marked a dark day for the world”.
“This is a political and cultural cataclysm that few believed would really happen. It’s a bleak day for America, and for the pluralism and diversity the country has come to stand for.”(Ibid)
It was, continued the Guardian editorial:
“like the sacking of Rome … an American catastrophe”.(Ibid)
Nor did the lamentations end there. Under the title “What does US election result say about misogyny?” some of the Guardian’s columnists added their comments on Trump’s win.
According to Robin Morgan:
“A diseased patriarchy is in the battle to the death with women (and some male allies) who are determined to save ourselves and this planet.” (Ibid)
I’ve emboldened that passage because it speaks volumes about the distorted, and inflated, view these writers have of themselves. No doubt most are living comfortable,  privileged lives in London’s more affluent suburbs but they see themselves as fighting “to the death” with a “diseased patriarchy” to save the world!!
The people who write this stuff are essentially propagandists. They are employed by the corporate media to promote a specific line. The New World Order has its own pitch, just as the Nazis and the Soviets had their own brand of propaganda.
Now however it’s beginning to sound as dated and as contrived as the old Nazi or Soviet propaganda.
Thus columnist Polly Toynbee opined on Trump’s win:
“A dark shutter falls across the western world. A macho white supremacist bellow has sent generations of progress slamming into reverse. Civilisation and basic civility are knocked down with hate, fear, xenophobia and primitive gut nationalism. Drain the swamp? He is the swamp.”(Ibid)
Yes, those evil white males are beginning to sound as menacing as Jews did in Nazi Germany or capitalists did in Stalins’s Russia.
Meanwhile under the headline “Globalisation is dead, and white supremacy has triumphed” Paul Mason declared:
“Trump’s victory is a betrayal of ethnic minorities and women.”
Now I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump but the alternative to him would have been far worse. He was, in the end analysis, the lesser of two evils. Had voters opted for Hillary Clinton the world would have been on the road to war with Russia within six to eighteen months of her inauguration. Of that I’m convinced.
Strangely enough though none of the Guardian’s writers considered this prospect. Amid their loud lamentations over Trump’s win, the likelihood of war with Russia under Clinton wasn’t even mentioned.
One wonders why? After all Clinton’s tougher stance with Moscow, hailed by globalist publications like Foreign Policy, was well known and would have inevitably led to conflict with Russia. Yet amid all the Guardian’s profuse protestations there is not a word about it.
That’s not to say it won’t happen under Trump. In fact Trump has already indicated that he will take a much firmer line with Iran than Obama. While running for president he warned that Iranian navy vessels “will be shot out of the water” should they threaten U.S. Navy ships.
Were that to happen Russia would be likely to step in alongside Iran, given the growing ties between Tehran and Moscow.
Still that’s hypothetical, for now. Because if Hillary had been elected war with Russia would have been a very real prospect from the moment she assumed office.
So we have a little more time and that maybe all we need. For more people are waking up to the fact that political discourse is being steered by pathological liars in government and the media, and with that realisation their power maybe coming to an end.

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