Newsweek Magazine Caught Preparing for a Rigged a Clinton Win?

New Brief — Nov 5, 2016

Internet sites Before It’s News and Fellowship of the Minds are reporting that Newsweek Magazine has printed a November 8, 2016 “Special Commemorative Edition” announcing a Hillary Clinton election win.
Both reports appeared online on Saturday November 5, 2016, which is three days before the scheduled U.S. election date.
According to Fellowship of the Minds, the Nov 8, 2016, commemorative edition of Newsweek is already packed in boxes waiting to be shipped.
Unfortunately neither Fellowship of the Minds or Before It’s News cite the actual source of the report. So while we cannot investigate further we can offer these screenshots of the purported Newsweek Magazine and leave readers to decide.

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Although it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility, a rigged Clinton would require the collusion of the mainstream U.S. media to convince voters that Hillary had indeed won the presidential election; which is exactly what these alleged copies of NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE appear to be doing.
A recent report from Info-wars offers further confirmation that an NBC affiliate was trying to convince the U.S. public of a Hillary Clinton election win. According to reporter Kit Daniels, activists discovered a website for WRCB out of Chattanooga, Tenn. showing a win for Hillary Clinton with 42% of the vote over Donald Trump’s 40%. That was on Nov 2, 2016, nearly a week before the actual vote.
So it’s not so much a question of who U.S. voters will vote for on November 8, 2016. Rather it’s a case of in whose favour WILL THE VOTE BE RIGGED and how will the media spin it? Ed.

Footnote — Nov 7, 2016

We’ve just stumbled upon what may be partial confirmation that the above is a genuine issue of Newsweek magazine, and the Nov 8 commemorative election edition at that. Ed.

Newsweek Cover: Hillary Wins Already Printed

The fix is in: Newsweek already has an issue in print declaring Hillary Clinton the winner

Dr Eowyn — The Fellowship of the Minds Nov 5, 2016

Newsweek magazine already has, in print, a November 8, 2016 “Special Commemorative Edition” declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of an election that hasn’t yet taken place.

What should we do?

(1) Vote, vote, vote — for Trump.

(2) Pray, pray, pray


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