Ken Adachi – Why Trump Will Win

by Ken Adachi — ( Nov 3, 2016 


It’s easy and safe to say that Clinton will win, no matter what. The “fix is in” etc. It’s the sure fire, know-it-all retort from self satisfied cynics from Bangor to Bangladesh. But are they REALLY paying attention?
A lot of important developments have taken place between Oct 31 and today, Nov 2, that will make it less likely that Hillary will be anointed President by Soros on Nov. 8  Hillary’s chances of being declared President are sinking lower by the hour- despite the plan to steal the election for her.
For instance, on:
  1. Oct. 31, Bev Harris told Alex Jones EXACTLY how the electronic voting machines are manipulated to change the vote tallies and create the illusion of a win in any direction desired, and to any percentage desired, using a hidden software modality called Fractional Magic created in 2003 by a Bush-connected (later convicted) computer programmer. However, she also explained how the vote fraud can be prevented by using technology that is already built into every electronic voting machine and is required by federal election law to ensure transparency and public verification of the vote- if the public insists on its use.


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