Jerusalem Move Designed to Create Chaos — Dec 7, 2017

Jeffrey Epstein ran a blackmail operation for the Mossad. Click to enlarge

Jeffrey Epstein ran a blackmail operation for the Mossad. Click to enlarge

The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is part of a long-term plan for Masonic Jewish (Illuminati, Communist) global hegemony.  Trump’s gratuitous action has enraged the entire world, especially 1.8 billion Muslims, or 25% of the world’s population. Zionism versus Islam was Albert Pike’s prescription for World War Three.  
Trump’s job is not to lead us to the Promised Land. His job, I’m afraid, is to polarize and divide.  They are all Freemasons: Trump, Hillary, Putin, May, Merkel, George Soros, Netanyahu etc. Most members of Congress are. The goal is not one solution or another. Right or Left. Zionism or Islam. The goal is conflict itself – gridlock, war, and chaos. Ordo ab Chao. 
They are transforming the world and war and mayhem are how they do it The Freemasons have divided into Communist and Zionist house teams. Freemasons and Illuminati Jews are on BOTH sides of every conflict.  (See also- Profumo Affair Exposed Masonic Conspiracy
We think Trump or Brexit represent setbacks for the globalists. But they aren’t setbacks if chaos is your goal. We are being played by an extremely clever and powerful satanic cult. 


They might have used blackmail to remind Trump to play his part.  As Tim Fitzpatrick shows below, Trump likely has been sexually compromised by the Mossad. If the US goes to war with Iran, you’ll know why. The role of Americans is to die for Illuminati world domination. That is the point of all wars.
Being blackmailed is a price of admission to the Illuminati. The important thing to remember is both sides are Illuminati, i.e. Freemasons
Life is a miracle. We ought to be marveling at Creation instead of blowing it all up. We ought to be expressing our good side instead of growling at each other. Let’s laugh at ourselves instead. Let’s see the endearing qualities, the beauty, and goodness, in each other. Let’s not play their game. Let’s not be possessed by them. 
From a year ago
Donald Trump, pictured in 1997 with Epstein's former girlfriend, and daughter of Rupert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell who was accused of supplying Epstein with underage girls

Donald Trump, pictured in 1997 with Epstein’s former girlfriend, and Daughter of Rupert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell who was accused of supplying Epstein with underage girls

by Timothy Fitzpatrick — Trump Controlled by Mossad (Excerpts by 

Every person in a position of power should be suspected of being controlled through [sexual] blackmail since the Judeo-masonic cryptocracy controls virtually every aspect of organized government, the press, and the financial system, to name a few. You may have heard of the bizarre sexual initiation of Yale University’s Skull and Bones secret society, where the would-be Bonesman reveals his sexual secrets to his fellow initiates and initiators.[i] From the very start of their societal ascent, you could say, a Bonesman is blackmailed and falls under the control of the society.
This scenario is played out in virtually every sphere of influence at one degree (pun intended) or another. As it happens, both presidential candidates are connected to sexual scandals, the likes of which we shall explore in Trump’s life.



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